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Terminal Velocity with Bob da Parachutist.

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Christine Leung-Cheun 10B

Terminal Velocity with Bob da Parachutist

Bob without a parachute:


You can tell that when Bob starts, he falls quite fast down. Then eventually when the force matches his weight, he

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Here, the parachute has slowed down the pace of Bob’s fall quite a lot. He starts really quickly for about 1 second, then slows down immediately from the effect of the parachute. His velocity also becomes constant as soon as the force is the same amount as him his weight.

Bob with a medium parachute:image04.png


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In all of these graphs, Bob always has a constant velocity as soon as the force reaches the same amount as his weight. I have also noticed, that the more surface area he takes up with either a different position or with a parachute, the velocity is very, very low. This is because the parachute balances out the air resistance.

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