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The aim is to find out if different lengths of wire affect the amount of resistance.

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Investigating how the length

of a wire effects its resistance

Aim:         The aim is to find out if different lengths of wire affect the amount of resistance.

Prediction:        I think that the longer the wire the higher the resistance. I think this because as the electrons go through the wire the atoms get warm so the electrons slow down, this would be because the atoms are vibrating more and then its hard for the electrons to get past. Also when the wire is longer the further the electrons have to travel, so as they travel they lose some energy which makes them slower and the resistance is therefore higher.

Fair Test:                To make sure our experiment is fair we will only change one thing and that will be the length of wire that the electrons go through each time, to make sure this is fair though, we will be taking the measurements so that the wire doesn’t get too hot while the electrons are passing

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                                             And Hot water.

Method:                1) Set up the equipment

                2) Boil water to 80c

                3) Poor the water in to the beaker and start the timer.

                4) Take the temperature every minuet for 20 minuets

                5) Repeat this 3 times with that many layers of bubble wrapper around it.

                6) Repeat steps 1-5 adding 1 more layer of bubble wrap around the beaker each time. Until u have 18 sets of results (3 for each layer).


Repeating:        Each time the experiment is performed it needs to be performed another 2 times (this makes the experiment performed 3 times in total) to make sure the results are accurate and so you can find the average by adding all 3 results together and dividing by 3.

6 layers:                We have done the experiment with 6 different layers because that way you will get a varied set of results and on the graph it is easier to see what happens as you put more layers of bubble-wrap around the beaker.

Observing:        Because it was a cold day in some lights you could see the heat escaping from the beaker. Almost everything went well and there was 1 technical glitch.

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How good was the method?: I think the method was good and worked well and it didn’t affect our results because it was the right method to use.

How good are the results?: The results are good except that we didn’t get the last set of results because we ran out of time to do the experiment again. There are a few results that don’t fit the pattern and that is probably because we took the temperature at slightly the wrong time, but most of the results do fit in the pattern.

Can the method be improved?: I don’t personally think that the method could have been improved but I do think that we should of checked the original 1 for glitches first and then we wouldn’t of had to change the method and end up with only 2 sets of results because we ran out of time. The Results could have been more reliable if we had had a buzzer on the stopwatch that went off every minuet so we could tell when to take the temperature.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

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