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The aim of this experiment is to investigate what affects the rate of reaction between Sodium Thiosu

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Sodium Thiosulphate Coursework Aim The aim of this experiment is to investigate what affects the rate of reaction between Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric Acid. Factors There are four factors which affect the rate of reaction, these are: Concentration of liquids Catalyst Surface area * Temperature Chosen Factors The factor that I will base my experiment around is the temperature of the water and Sodium Thiosulphate. I will use this because: A catalyst is not required as the reaction is fast enough at room temperature Surface area is not a suitable factor to use in an experiment where only liquids are used. Concentration could be used, but I am examining temperature so I will use concentration in my preliminary work. Prediction I predict that the rate of reaction will increase as the temperature increases. I think this because as the temperature increases, the particles in the liquid have more energy and so move faster and cause more collisions. Therefore if the temperature doubles, the rate of reaction more than doubles because if the temperature doubles, the reactions double, and then the particles have more energy, so there are more successful collisions, and the rate of reaction furthe increases. ...read more.


Fair Testing To make sure that my experiment is fair I will make sure that I completely rinse all of my apparatus. I will do this to remove any particles fromprevious experiments so that there are the right amount of paritcles and therefore the right concentration. I will also make sure that I use the same volumes of each liquid (30cm3 of Sodium Thiosulphate, 20cm3 of water and 10cm3 of Hydrochloric Acid) to keep the concentration the same and keep the number of particles the same. I will not stir the chemicals at all and I will try to move them around as little as possible. This is to prevent any unwanted collisions which may inadvertantly speed up the rate of reaction. I will record the temperature of the liquids at the start and end of each experiment to find an average temperature for that particular experiment and so I can see any faults in the temperature of the liquids. One of the main aspects of my fair testing will be that I repeat my experiment for each temperature three times. I will do this so that I can obtain an average and also so that I can repeat any experiments further if they do not seem to fit in with the rest of my results. ...read more.


My experiment would have been fairer and more accurate if I had used the following equipment but these factors were beyond my control: The thermometers we use in school are alcohol thermometers and are not 100 % accurate. Mercury thermometers should have been used as they are far more accurate but they are not allowed in school. Also a waterbath could have been used to programme the liquids to the desired temperature. This is much more accurate than a thermometer reading. The plastic measuring cylinders we used to measure out our liquids are mass produced and so are not 100 % accurate. A glass pipette should have been used as they are hand made and much more accurate. Also glass is clearer than plastic so you can take a reading of the liquids easier and more accurately. The substances we used were made from stock solutions which were made fresh every lesson therefore the concentration of these substances changed slightly from day to day during the experiment. The equipment was rinsed with tap water which contains many impurities which may have contaminated or changed theconcentration of the liquids. Distilled water should have been used as it is pure and has no impurities but once again I didn't have the time to keep distilling more and more water just to rinse my equipment. ...read more.

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