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The aim of this study is to find out how harmful sunbeds are for peoples health and if they should be used less or even banned.

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Contents Page 1. Introduction What is a sun bed? Reasons for reasons against use of sunbeds 2. Why people use sunbeds 3. Why people don't/shouldn't use sunbeds 4. An article about the effects of using sunbeds 5. Continued article 6. Conclusion 7. References Introduction The aim of this study is to find out how harmful sunbeds are for peoples' health and if they should be used less or even banned. I will look at the reasons for and against the use of sunbeds and the effects of U.V light on the body. I will refer to reputable internet and book sources. This is what my study aims find out. Sun beds are comfortable but are they safe? What is a sun bed? A sunbed, is literally a long bed that people lie on/under fitted with ultra violet (U.V) bulbs around the inside. There is a lid that closes onto the bed where there are several more U.V lights. The lights produce ultra violet radiation. This is a form of radiation that is ionizing. Ionization is where ions, electrically charged particles, when atoms lose or gain electrons. Ions produced by the radiation can lead to chemical changes that can damage body tissue. ...read more.


See below. "A woman suffered 65 per cent burns when she was trapped unconscious in a sunbed for nearly three hours, a court heard yesterday. Melanie Wraith, 34, was knocked out by an electric shock caused by the bed's faulty wiring and the lid collapsed on top of her". 6 EFFECTS OF USING SUNBEDS 5 This photo is an example of a woman who has used a sunbed a lot and is now suffering from facial disfigurements due to surgery on a skin tumour. Different types of getting a tan Natural out door tanning Personally this is the best way of tanning as its safer than sunbeds and looks natural. Sunbeds I don't think that these should be used as although I haven't used one there could be serious side effects. Spray tan This is also a safe way of getting a tan but it doesn't look natural as you are left with an orange look. Injections I think that this is a dangerous way of tanning as if you hit a vein and you inject the tanning substance in you could have serious side effects. Conclusion Some main points of using sun beds are; � to get an all year round tan � to make themselves more appealing and fashionable � instead of going on holiday to hot ...read more.


She said the surgeon 'stopped counting' the number of stitches she required as there were too many.The urgent surgery was only made possible by the generosity of staff and guests at the Intercontinental Hotel in Paphos, where she was working part-time.Miss Shiel had no medical insurance to cover the treatment, but a whip round raised the �7,000 that was needed.Tests showed the cancer has not spread to her bones and she is hopeful of making a recovery, although attempts to rebuild her face will be delayed until later next year.She said:'If it was breast or lung cancer I could deny it or try to avoid it, but with this every time I look in the mirror I see what you see now. I have to live with this for the next nine months and it's difficult. People stare at you and when you catch their eye they look away. I wish they would just ask why this has happened, but they don't. Even after the reconstructive surgery I'll never look like I used to.'Miss Shiel suffered from a basal cell carcinoma - which accounts for around 75 per cent of all skin cancers. The cancer starts in the top layer of skin and grows very slowly. Last year more than 1,700 people in the UK died from a form of skin cancer, although most were related to moles. SUNBEDS - Should they be Banned? 1 Chris Minto 10PH ...read more.

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