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The Aral Sea - A human-made disaster The Aral Sea, a mammoth body of water which is located on the border of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

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The Aral Sea - A human-made disaster The Aral Sea, a mammoth body of water which is located on the border of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, former parts of the Soviet Union and now the Commonwealth of Independent States, was once the fourth largest sea in the entire planet. The two major rivers that feed it are Amudarya and Syrdarya (darya meaning river). But the Aral Sea has been shrinking for over four decades. Now, it is only the eleventh largest sea on our planet. This disaster, like many others, is caused by man, but on a much larger scale. It began when the U.S.S.R, determined to conquer the mountainous, desert terrain around the Aral Sea, came up an ingenious scheme. ...read more.


The climate is getting warmer and warmer because of the reduced cooling affect of the sea. There is little rain, but there is a lot of stagnant water. The atmosphere has been poisoned by salts and deadly chemicals. Sandstorms sweep the land carrying with them poisonous salts and other dangerous chemicals. There aren't any fish in the Sea: they were slaughtered by the chemicals released. There was also an island which was once a Soviet bio-weapon facility. The harmful waste dumped on this island is currently being cleaned as part of an international project. These are tough times for people living in the regions around the Aral Sea. ...read more.


The answers proposed are that the quality of irrigation canals be improved and desalination plants be built on the Aral Sea. Another set of ideas are charging farmers to use water and planting cotton that requires less water. But these ideas will require money, which these nations do not possess. In conclusion, Aral Sea is another one of the numerous human-made disasters, but on a much larger magnitude. We should learn from this mistake and keep them in mind as we move on to attain new feats. We also need to take action on the issues of the future NOW, such as the global warming crisis which will affect the whole world and on a lot larger scale than the Aral Sea. Or else, like in this case, it might be too late. ...read more.

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