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The colour codev BROWN to the LIVE (L) terminalv BLUE to the NEUTRAL (N) v GREEN/YELLOW to the EARTH (E) terminal

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12/10/05 ASSESSMENT 1 Bekim Hoxha * First of all I check that the work place is nice and clean and check that I have the right tools for the job, safety and materials and check them if they are in good state of condition to work. * I get these tools to complete this project: * Philips cross-point screwdriver * Flat blade screwdriver * Pliers * Wire strippers * Soldering station * Fume extractor * Rubber mat * Goggles * And the materials that I used are these * 13 AMP plug to in a 3 AMP FUSE * I.E.C connector * 3 core mains cable HOW I DID IT * Strip outer cable to appropriate length 6 cm (60mm) ...read more.


Then I used the Philips cross-point screwdriver to open the I.E.C connector. Then I used the Flat blade screwdriver to loosen the I.E.C terminals after I get the Pliers to fasten the appropriate lead to the appropriate terminal. Putting the brown Lead (Live) to the live terminal, Blue Lead (Neutral) to the Neutral terminal and Yellow and Green Lead (Earth) to the earth terminal. Finally I replace the cover. * Prepare the plug * I remove the cover and loosen the screws of the cord grip with a Philips cross-point screwdriver * Loosen or remove the screws from the brass terminals Flat lade screwdriver * Prepare the flex * I measure the flex against the plug and strip the outer covering back as far as the cord grip, taking care not to cut through the coloured insulation on the wire strands. ...read more.


Then I use the pliers to twist the exposed wire strands of each core between the finger and thumb so that there are no loose strands. In case the plug has pillar terminals, then I double the twisted bare wire back on itself for about 5 mm and insert it fully into the hole in the appropriate terminal. I tighten the terminal screw firmly on the wire. I tighten the cord grip screws, making sure that the cord grip is clamped on the full outer covering of the cable and not on the inner cores. Replace the cartridge fuse in 13 Amp plugs with an appropriate sized fuse - a Red 3-Amp fuse for lights and small appliances; a brown 13-Amp fuse for larger appliances and heaters. Replace the cover. Bekim Hoxha ...read more.

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