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The effect of caffeine on the body.

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Coca Cola Non Caffeine Coca Cola Red Bull Andrew Marshall 10 A 3 The effect of Caffeine on the body Introduction In this we will drink a variety of drinks, these will be Red Bull energy drink, Coca Cola and Non Caffeine Coca Cola. We will be doing this to see what happens to our heartbeat after drinking each one. Prediction I predict that the normal Coca Cola and the Red Bull energy drink will speed my heartbeat up quite a lot, but the Non Caffeine Coca Cola will not. This is because there is Caffeine in Coca Cola and Red Bull but not in the Non Caffeine Coca Cola. Caffeine is a stimulant that changes the way your body works. Caffeine is found in Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Energy drinks and other drinks. My heartbeat will increase after drinking the first two drinks because after drinking Caffeine we need more oxygen in our body. To get this extra oxygen our heart needs pumps faster to pump the extra oxygen into the blood. We get energy from this because red blood cells are packed with Haemoglobin, and the oxygen in the blood binds with the Haemoglobin to produce Oxyhaemoglobin. ...read more.


Then my heart rate started to go all over the place as it increased then decreased then increased and so on between 60bpm and 80bpm. This was unusual as my heart rate should have kept on increasing throughout the 10 minutes. The repeat of Coke A was much better but still did not increase and increase as time went on. My heart rate started at 70bpm and during the 8 minutes of taking readings my heart rate stayed between 60bpm and 70bpm. This is quite good because I was a bit worried with the first one as it went quite wrong. I would probably have to do coke A again to get the right results. My results show that when I drank Coke B my heart rate started to increase until a certain point and then came down and stayed around that point until it jumped up again then back down to a constant position. When I repeated Coke B I got more of a smoother line just like a wave as it increased then decreased around 95bpm. My results show that when I drank Red Bull my heart rate stayed around the same point as it stayed between 85bpm and 95bpm. ...read more.


These results could be better because they could have increased or stay the same as my heart should have. If I wanted to get more accurate results I would have to do the experiment again. Anomalous results On Coke A I hade one major anomalous result and a couple just outside 10bpm off the line of best fit. The major anomalous result is between 50bpm and 60bpm out of the line of best fit. I think that this anomalous result is anomalous because it was the first pulse rate of the first drink of the first day of the experiment and the others were not as anomalous because I was not used to all of the coke until later on. Also I was a bit nervous before the experiment so that could have made the result anomalous and really high. I have some evidence to support my conclusion and you will find this evidence by looking at my graphs. This shows everything that I have said in my conclusion Improvements To improve the reliability of my results I shall. * Not drink anything before the experiment * Don't laugh during the experiment * Sit still after drinking the drinks * Time my pulse rate exactly to one minute. No more, no less ...read more.

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