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The effect of light on the rate of photosynthesis.

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Biology Science Investigation: The effect of light on the rate of photosynthesis. When you turn the lamp on, the plant produces oxygen bubbles. The graph shows that when the lamp is close to the plant (15cm or less) the number of bubbles produced is high (between 60-65). After 15cm the graph falls rapidly to below 15 bubbles produced gets smaller as the lamp moves further away. ...read more.


Therefore the higher the results on the graph (number of oxygen bubbles) the faster plant are photosynthesis. Evaluating The method used was quite good for a simple experiment. But it doesn't give a completely accurate result because the student may not be able to count all the oxygen bubbles produced. You could use an oxygen probe to measure the amount of oxygen more accurately. The anomalous results 5 bubbles in the first count when the lamp is 20cm away from the pondweed. ...read more.


These results may have occurred if the student miss counted or the equipment was set up incorrectly so as to let air in and oxygen bubbles where gained or lost. To prevent this two or more people could count or the equipment could be checked more thoroughly. These results are reasonable reliable as they come out as predicted the method is also tried and tested one which produces accurate3 results almost every time. Further work to extend the investigation could be repeating the test more times and also you could do the test using different coloured light filters to see the effect this has on photosynthesis. ...read more.

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