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The Effect of Sugar Solution on Plant Cells

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The Effect of Sugar Solution on Plant Cells Aim - My aim is to find out how sugar solution of different strengths affects the cells in potato chips, which have been stored in 0.3M solutions. Prediction - I predict that when the plant cells are put in sugar solution with a concentration higher than 0.3M they will shrink. When they are put in a sugar solution with a concentration lower than 0.3M, or distilled water I predict that they will expand. Scientific Reasoning - When the potato chips are put into sugar solution with a concentration higher than 0.3M they will shrink because of osmosis. If there is more water in the plant cell than there is in the sugar solution, the water will move from where there is a high concentration of water (the cell) to where there is a low concentration of water (the sugar solution). When the chips are put in sugar solution with a concentration lower than 0.3M osmosis will cause the chips to get bigger, as the water from the sugar solution will go into the chips, where there is a lower concentration. ...read more.


49 50 -0.33 Distilled water 50 50 52 51 +1 Analysis - I have found out that if you put potato chips in a sugar solution with a higher concentration than they have been stored in, they shrink and if they are put in a lower concentration solution or distilled water, they expand. Graph - Trends and Patterns - My graph has a line of best fit that is a smooth curve. Most of the results fit well into the smooth curve, the exceptions being the two anomalous results, for 0.6M and 0.8M. The change in the length of the potato chips ranges from shrinking 2mm to growing 1mm, which is proportional considering the chips were stored in 0.3M sugar solution. Conclusion - Most of the results turned out as they are expected, the chips in solutions with a concentration higher than 0.3M shrunk, and the chips that were in the distilled water got bigger. The reason my results turned out like this is osmosis. In the petri dishes where the concentration of the solution was higher than 0.3M the water from inside the cells of the potato chips moved into the solution, because there was a lower concentration of water there than inside the cells. ...read more.


The chips could also have been measured and cut more accurately, as they were done in a bit of a hurry and some of the chips might not have been 50mm exactly. The results were quite reliable, although the anomalous result (0.8M) was quite a long way off the line of best fit. I think that the evidence is accurate enough to support my conclusion and to say that my prediction was right. Most of the results do fit in with the trend they are expected to follow and the line of the best fit is a good smooth curve. To make the evidence more reliable there are a few improvements that could be made to the experiment and also further work that could be done. The experiment could be done more accurately, the potato chips could be measured better and also they could be left in the solution longer to obtain better results. Further work could be to weigh the potato chips instead of measuring them, as this could be more accurate and support my conclusion and prediction better. The enquiry could also be extended by doing the experiment with different concentrations of sugar solutions to the ones that were used in this experiment. Hannah Prince 11G ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a fairly good account of an osmosis investigation and explanations are sound. However, more attention to detail is needed.

Marked by teacher Adam Roberts 10/05/2013

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