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The effect of temperature on enzyme activity.

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THE EFFECT OF TEMPERATURE ON ENZYME ACTIVITY AIM * The main aim of this experiment is to see if temperature has any effect on the enzyme activity. HYPOTHEISIS The hypothesis I am going to use is: - * Hydrogen peroxide will form oxygen gas and water when it is broken down. * More gas will be produced as the temperature increases. This is because the particles will gain more kinetic energy hence will be moving faster, leading to a successful collision. * I can predict that if the temperature is above the normal body temperature (370C), the amount of gas being produce will eventually decrease and the enzyme will denature as enzymes are known to work best at body temperatures. ...read more.


PROCEDURE * Crush 4 peas of the similar size and add 2cm3 of water to it and pour the crushed peas into the boiling tube. * Put the boiling tube in the water bath with crushed ice as shown in the diagram below. * Then open the cock of the boiling tube and add the 4cm3 of the hydrogen peroxide to the crushed peas that is in the boiling tube and close it quickly. * Start timing for 2 minutes once you see the first bubble entering the syringe and measure the amount of oxygen collected NOTE: - take the reading of the syringe barrel before and after the hydrogen peroxide is added. Amount of oxygen collected = after 2 minutes reading - before reading * Repeat the experiment at different temperatures (but without the crushed ice) ...read more.


It could have been the reading error when reading the amount of oxygen after the hydrogen peroxide is added. It could also have been that the temperature was not exactly 250C. EVALUATION The result I got from my investigation clearly show that the as temperature increases the amount of oxygen produced also increases but only to about 390C, after which the amount of oxygen being collected starts to decrease. The results seem to be reliable from my graph apart from that of 250C. I took 3 readings for each temperature and calculated the mean to make my results more reliable. CONCLUSION I would conclude by saying from my experiment that my hypothesis is correct and agree that more gas is produced with increasing temperature only until the optimum level (390C) after which the amount of gas produced starts to decrease. ?? ?? ?? ?? Umang Shah Enfield Grammar School Candidate Number: 3408 Biology ...read more.

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