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The Effects Of Osmosis On Potato Chips

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Investigating The Effects Of Concentration On Osmosis Preliminary Experiment: The Effects Of Osmosis On Potato Chips Method : We cut three potato chips to an equal length and then we set up 3 beakers, one containing a sugar solution, one containing water and one containing a salt solution. We put one chip in each beaker and left overnight. Results : Solution Start (cm) End (cm) Difference % Difference Sugar 4.8 4.4 -0.4 -8% Water 5 5.6 +0.6 +12% Salt 5 4 -1 -20% Conclusion: The water moved into the chip cells so the size increased, the salt solution was a lower concentration so the water moved out of the chip, this also happened to the sugar solution. Experiment To Determine The Concentration Of The Cell Sap Of Potato Introduction: I am trying to find out the exact concentration of water in the cell sap of a potato cell. My preliminary experiment will help with this as I already know that distilled water moves in to the cell while a sugar solution causes water to move out of the cell. ...read more.


to measure how much solution to put in each tube Method: Then I put 20 cm2 distilled water into one test tube, then I put 20cm of a sugar/water solution of 0.2 mole concentration of sugar in to another test tube, We did this for four more test tubes each with an increment of 0.2molar of sugar. We cut potato chips in to equal sizes and measured them, we put a potato chip in each tube and left them overnight, we then took the potato chips out of the solution and measured them. We then recorded the results. We done this experiment three times to ensure a fair set of results. Diagram: Variables: The independent variable was the concentration of the sugar solution, the dependant variable was the length of the potato chips in each experiment. The controlled variables were the amount of solution in each test tube, if this was not controlled, then the results would not be fair and useless. ...read more.


I think this because this is where the end size is the same as the start size, showing that this is the isotonic concentration. Evaluation: In my opinion the experiment was very successful. I obtained a large quantity of quite accurate results. I was able, from these results, to draw up a somewhat informative graph. I think I took enough results for the amounts of concentrations I was using. I also think that I gave the experiment enough time for Osmosis to occur. Maybe if I were to repeat the experiments again I would probably try using a wider range of concentrations as to find a wider range of more varied results. The most difficult part of this experiment, in my opinion, was the accurate cutting of the potatoes. It was very difficult to accurately cut the potatoes to the same length. In my opinion, there were not many of my results, which were out of the ordinary. Slight differences may have been the result of human error. However, I think that my experiment was successful and am quite pleased with my results. ...read more.

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