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The Factors that affect resistance.

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The Factors that affect resistance Four main factors affect resistance in an electrical circuit * Length * Cross sectional area * Temperature * Material of wire How I will stop the Variables from varying * Cross sectional area - The same piece of wire was used in all parts of the experiment. It was gently attached to the ruler so that there was no movement and no strain put on the wire which might change the cross sectional area. * Length - This was achieved by measuring the wire so that the variable was only changed on purpose. * Temperature - I will control it by only running the electricity through shortly to minimize the heating effect and with cooling time in between. Material of wire - The same piece of wire will be used so there is no variation in the type of material use. In my investigation I will only be changing one factor each time to keep my experiment fair. In the experiment I will only be altering the length of wire I use every time. In my experiment I am using this apparatus * Wires * Crocodile clips * Power supply and cable * Ammeter * Volt meter * Meter ruler * The piece of wire that I am testing (0.2 width) ...read more.


* The wire will cool every time the power supply is turned off. To ensure the safety * Keep all water away from the experiment. * Do not touch the hot wire. * The power supply will not be continuously left on. * Do not leave the experiment going unattended. To make sure that I have chosen sensible lengths and voltages I am doing a preliminary experiment. The test will be set up in the same way as the real experiment, which has been shown in the diagram. I will test the two extreme lengths and volt measurements, so I can see if the experiment will work at the two extremes. Length of piece of wire (cm) Volt (V) Current I (A) 10 1 0.32 10 2 0.62 50 1 0.06 50 2 0.12 In my preliminary experiment I attached the Crocodile clips that were connected to the power supply at either end of the piece of wire. This was not a good idea because there is a lot of resistance in the wire. So instead I have attached the Crocodile clips to the wire 70cm apart. This is far enough for me to collect all the results I need at the different lengths and for my experiment to reach all the required volt readings. ...read more.


My results were accurate and helped me to prove my hypothesis, none of the results I collected were anomalous. The results were reliable for proving my prediction but they were not 100% accurate because they can only be as accurate as the equipment records the result e.g. to one decimal place. Sources of error * Paralex error could have occurred on all of the readings and the measurements. * The length of the wire was only accurate to 1mm. * The Volt and Ammeter readings were only accurate to the precision of the apparatus. Preventing errors * The paralex error could be minimized by standing in the same place with the same angle of vision the apparatus. * The wire could not be measured more accurately due to the fact that there were not more precise rulers. * More precise Volt and Ammeters could be used or digital ones. To take this experiment further I could see if the rate of resistance is affected I use different types of metal wire. I could use wires made of different materials and see if the materials also influenced the resistance as well as the length of wire. Another way of extending this experiment would be to use wire with different cross sectional areas and see if this would affect the resistance. Jennifer Sutton The Factors that affect resistance ...read more.

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