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The first available GM food was on themarket in 1994, it was a tomato that was engineered to keep it firmer forlonger, it was very popular with customers. Americans are pressurising

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The first available GM food was on the market in 1994, it was a tomato that was engineered to keep it firmer for longer, it was very popular with customers. Americans are pressurising Europe to start eating genetically modified food, but the EU has put a restriction on how much GM food we sell in Europe. I live in a rural area where we grow a lot of our own food, because of this, I know that GM food is a big issue over in this country. It would be a lot cheaper for farmers to use GM foods but we don't know what it could do to our health, and would it be worth it to risk the nation's health to save money. My first source is Dr Liz Dennis; she believes that GM food can solve the problem of world hunger, and will provide direct benefits to farmers and producers due to improved production efficiency. She says it will save the farmers money if they grow GM food. This is because farmers wouldn't need to use as much pesticide and fungicide due to inbuilt pest and disease resistance and would be able to cope better with environmental stresses such as weeds. She says that the customers will directly benefit from GM Foods because the quality of the food will be much greater and will have improved features such as seedless citrus fruits and easy to peel oranges. ...read more.


Some of the things that they are saying against GM foods have already been proved wrong by scientists. However they are voicing the concerns of many peoples view on GM food, and I don't think their claims should be ignored just because they don't have scientific proof My third source is from a person that works in the industry of GM foods. I got the information from an article published on AgBioWorld.org. This person says that claims from anti-GM food activists that say that GM foods are unsafe are just myths. He says that 90% of farmers are very happy with growing GM foods and grow them year after year once they have tried them. He says that GM foods have had a direct impact on farmers by saving them money on pesticides and have never been any confirmed crop failures with GM foods. He says that GM foods are perfectly safe and any claims saying that they are not safe are false, GM foods have undergone more safety and environmental testing than any other crop varieties in history. He says that to this date there are no confirmed human or animal illnesses or diseases associated with GM foods. GM foods are just as safe as conventional crops or food. I think this information from the person that works in the industry of GM foods has a valid argument, however it could be bias toward GM food because he works in the industry and wouldn't want to say anything negative about it. ...read more.


Dr Liz Dennis says that GM food can improve people's health and dietary problems, this is because the Crops can be grown to contain vitamins and minerals or more of them which can improve people's health. She says that it can solve world hunger because the crops can be grown to contain vitamins that are hard to get in some poor countries. She even says that some GM foods can be made to reduce cholesterol and people can even be immunized from measles or other diseases by eating bananas, but a lot of research has to be done before this can be carried out to prove that it can solve dietary problems and that there are no side effects. There are other reasons why this can't be acted upon, because of money, where will the money come from to pay for sending the food to third world countries and growing it. I think the anti-activists are just saying things about GM food to put people off of eating them, they have no evidence to prove what they are saying. I think the issue seems to be bigger than who is going to profit from GM food, it is more to do with how many lives could be saved. I got this information from http://scope.educ.washington.edu/gmfood/position/show.php?author=1. Biotech Food Myths, Misconceptions and Misnformation --A Response to False Activist Claims. AgBioWorld.org. James Clothier Is GM food worth the risk ...read more.

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