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The flood

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Creative writing 2 It was a dark summers night when it all begun. The moon was shining as if the sun. Strange and wonderful, things happened that you would never believe, people hid and animals quivered you will not conceive what you are reading, but it happened. Although no one knows how these events came to be, they did and now it is over and life is back to normal, but the memory still remains, the fright, the tears, but now it is time to tell you the tale! The central heating would not switch on; so dad went to the bathroom and turned on the emersion heater in the hot water tank.. I was in the kitchen the next morning; suddenly water cascaded down on me hot, like a rain forest down pour. "Dad" I cried. "What?" questioned Dad looking my way, and then as if by magic he was gone, leaving mum and me to figure out what was happening above us? We ran around franticly trying to find anything that would collect or soak up the water, crash we were wearing the ...read more.


Whimpered Andrew, assuming as usual it was his fault. It sounded like a scuffle up stairs, with Dad trying to get in the bathroom and Andy trying to get out, still nothing from dad to give me the merest clue as to the mystery of the tropical downpour in the kitchen, just what sounded like a tap dancing troop in the room above. "I assume dad knows what he's up to" I said to mum. I turned when no answer came to find myself alone in the kitchen with only saucepans, buckets and towels for company plus the microwave oven, which I now viewed with a new apprehension, "its got a life of its own" I found myself afraid of it, yet knowing it was now dead and could not harm me. My heart pounded, I could hear it in my ears, the blood rushing to the various parts of my body. So I was going to be the hero of the hour, to save mum's precious kitchen appliances from the ravages of the torrential rainstorm going on above my head. ...read more.


I know mum hid the switch and the electric was turn off yet I feel unassured, I'm in dads realm and I've seen what mistakes can be made here, dad being thrown up the stairs because he thought he turned it off! He looked blue and pained, somewhere I did not want to go. Mum and Dad reappeared in the kitchen with Andrew, still unsure if it was his fault. Dads laughing? I'm confused? How can he laugh at this? What's going on in his head? Mum looks shocked, not at all like dad, my heads blurred, am I dreaming, Mums usually the calm one, dads usually stressed at times like this. I look to Dad questioningly? He just smiles and says, "well done Wills, the hose on the shower pump burst mate, you know yesterday when the boiler broke? I said that's all we need, well it's so bad now the other option would be to cry" Mum and dad just sort of got on with it as if they where cooking dinner or hovering. That all got to much for me so I returned to my bedroom to finish what I had started ten minutes before; my English creative writing coursework!!!!! ...read more.

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