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The Hitman

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The Hitman It was a frosty English morning; the sky was scarred with black clouds, still, almost whipped into the sky permanently, the grass was crisp and crunchy as If frozen and dried; the eternal silence was occasionally tweaked by cars driving near and early morning birds singing and screaming through the cold air. Street lights vomited a yellow glow which stained every corner of the street. Small figures could be seen leaving doors and hovering down long streets. Atop a hill, approximately 800 metres from the rochas council estate, a lone man is present, he leaft the small vehicle and strolled to the front of the car, glancing at the number plate, he pulls out a roll of tape and simultaneously removes a bold board marker from his pocket, the jacket is lined with an old stale cardboard scent and has the appearance of an old door mat. After removing the stiff lid of the new board Marker, he kneels down in front of the car; he curses roughly, almost as if in pain, and begins to cover the roll of tape with the black ink with careful precision. ...read more.


The boot clicks and unwinds the cordial lock, a faint whine streams out of the suspension pipes as the boot rises, revealing a black case, around 1.8 metres in size. The man lifts the case and gently places it on the ground, making sure the density of the soil below is within the requirements. He pulls the lock bolt on the case and now has taken the big step, the step which could be what breaks his life and job in two. He removes the main body of the sniper rifle and attaches the rear sight scope to the body lock, the carbonised scope rings are placed onto the scope one by one, one two three four,...four, his favourite number, its square and simple, yet its safe and reliable, this made sense in his head. He did not feel a need to place the detachable carry handle on the rifle, for it seems only to be a waste of time, time which could be the difference between success and failure. ...read more.


All of a sudden the peace had been broken and the blood was rushing, all across the wall of the room blood can be seen it slowly oozes down the wall, forming bubbles of hissing death, glass drops down from the top story window down onto the grass, harming those who walk below, small children can be heard screaming and gurgling with pain and shock. The job is done and the car is waiting. The man pulls the emergency gun sack over the rifle and swings it into the boot of the car. He slams the boot and rapidly scrambles into the front seat of the small car, its black, a good colour for something that must mould into the crowd, it must remain silent. The ignition fired up and the car throttled down the hill onto the road, around corners and corners until the victim is miles and miles away, the sweaty palms of the man grip the wheel which secures his success. Now he must remain silent, the man is successful, Kane Thelonius is successful. 927 words ...read more.

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