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The Journey of a carbon atom.

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THE JOURNEY OF A CARBON ATOM BY APRIL GRAY THE JOURNEY OF A CARBON ATOM Carbon atoms cycle through the earth and its biosphere. The carbon atom is part of a carbon dioxide molecule (co2) in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide makes up less than 0.05% of the atmospheric gases. Some of the other major gases are nitrogen (N2), hydrogen (H2), oxygen (02) and water vapor (H20). Carbon atoms are absolute essential to life on earth. A carbon atom was drifting in the atmosphere when it descended down upon a colorful plant. As it glided over the top of the plants flower to the top of one of its leaves, it found it difficult to enter, however, after a drifting to the underside of the leaf (stomata) ...read more.


The dinosaur was searching for food. As he walked around the valley he lowered his head and grabbed a luscious leaf. As he chewed his way through it he dropped down dead, with the leaf wedged in his left nostril. The carbon atoms were trapped within the dinosaur and remained here to be deeply buried within the strata of the earth, as sediments accumulated on the surface above. Over the passing of time the dinosaur decomposed. Decomposing bacteria was assimilating the carbon atom; the bacteria decomposers were trying to break the atom apart. It was converting the atom into carbon dioxide. ...read more.


As I was watching, it began to rain; the rain carried the carbon atom off the dinosaurs nose into a puddle. The sun came out, and evaporated the puddle. The carbon atom was carried in water vapor into the atmosphere, where it collected with lots of other water vapor to form a cloud. The cloud became increasingly heavy as more and more water vapor accumulated. As it was a very still day and there was no wind movement, from above my head, the cloud burst and rain containing the carbon atom landed on my nose. In an amazing period of time the carbon atom had passed between a dinosaurs nose and my own, I wonder where it will go next! ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

** A simple short story on the carbon cycle which could be improved by the author including more of the stages of the carbon cycle. The author needs to clarify the difference between decomposition and fossilization and carbon atoms and carbon containing molecules.

Marked by teacher Stevie Fleming 15/10/2013

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