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The mercy killing brings its culprit face again and dragged everyone in the blood bath.

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15th September 2006 It's nearly three o clock two days after the deadliest day of the planet. My name is Sunny Vashist and I am a student of Aston University studying software engineering. History repeat itself we had only listened it in the stories, but we seen it today for the first time. The mercy killing brings its culprit face again and dragged everyone in the blood bath. It all started at about twelve o' clock UK time. It was nice sunny day, my parents, my six-year-old sister and me were sitting near by canal spending our day, but we didn't have any clue about the coming disaster. After spending five minutes on the canal, a huge explosion was heard and there was smoke all over the sky covering the sun, turning day into night. It was like the vibrations of an earthquake for few seconds, dead silence after that. Before I think of something my family was in water of canal, which started to boil at about 400 degrees. I watched my family drown in boiling water. Before I could go and ask for help it was all over, my family was dead. There is nothing left in the second city of England, Birmingham. ...read more.


We don't know how long we could survive because there is a limited tinned food. There is still no sign of sun and all the vegetation is already dead. I am starting to give up a hope of finding any survivors. I was thinking that there might be someone from place to place. Several months later It's been several months since the catastrophe. Some how I crossed the sea by boat and I don't know where am I in this world, but it was same scenery dead people lying over each other bodies, the atmosphere was very horrific and bodies staring to give a foul smell because they staring to decay. This might give a birth to a dangerous disease, which is another bad news for any surviving human life. This disease will spread like very widely and very fast, covering large area in small time. My searching for food is like wild goose chase. Searching for food is like wide goose chase. Searching for food is like digging ground for gold. I don't know how long I would survive on tinned food. Sometime the food will run out and expired tin food will become hazardous to eat. The winter is coming and this is another nightmare for me. ...read more.


I am getting that I will never find anyone alive or if someone will find me it will be too late for him. I left alone in this planet and will always be alone. I don't know why my writing this diary for anyway. No one will ever read this diary because there will no one alive to read it. But I am not giving up hope yet. I will travel as far as I could to search for other survivors. My search for phoenix is not over yet. Phoenix, who born from its own ashes. This process continuos forever. It will be same for earth, it will be green planet one day. People will be living happily again. This earth someday will become beautiful planet again. Children someday will play on roads. Birds will fly freely and sing the beautiful songs once they use to sing everyday and we use to love it. Fast cars will be running on our roads to get the glimpse from the people. People will watch the soaps they use to love it. People will be mad about sports as they used to. Tournament will be held in different countries. Someday people will cheer for their countries. People will be living happily again. Please god if u listening to my wish and make it come true. I hope there will be someone to read my diary. And I hope this is not the end of this blue planet EARTH. ...read more.

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