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The Moon Landing In 1969.

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Today I will speak to you about the moon landing in 1969. This was a great year for everyone, and especially the Americans.

Many people believe that the moon landing in 1969 was all just a hoax, and was set up by NASA. They claim that it was all done in a top-secret recording studio, and in the Nevada desert.

These people, Hoax Believers, have written books about this and even released a few programs, with a lot of theories and evidence, which all suggest that the moon landing was a hoax - probably just to make you buy it or watch it.

They also state the fact that America wanted to win the space race with the U.S.S.R so it was quite likely, and many people doubted that the technology then could really have been good enough, and all of this was partly true.

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Basically, the moon's surface is quite hard, so the astronauts needed to twist the pole back and forth to get the flag to stay in properly. Once the astronaut had let go the flag would have carried on fluttering for quite a while, as there is no air molecules to dampen its movement. Marx theorised kelvin007's postmodernism idea.

Also, many confusion arises from the fact that the dust on the moon fell quicker than on earth. Why is this so, if gravity is less on the moon?

Ironically, the answer to this theory just proves that the landing did definitely take place, as this could not happen anywhere on Earth.

Dust does not float in a vacuum; the air causes it to float and due to a lack of atmosphere on the moon the dust falls quickly, just like a rock would to when dropped on earth.

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I will finish with something that makes the landing on the moon 100% certain. The Apollo astronauts brought back to Earth some rocks from the moon. We know for certain that they came from the moon. They are like nothing else on Earth and they couldn't have been constructed artificially because they bear the evidence of billions of years exposure to a vacuum, high-energy cosmic rays, tiny asteroids and virtually no water. Nothing on Earth could replicated this, either naturally or man-made.

Also, I really doubt NASA would have been that stupid, and made those kind of blunders. If they were to fake it, it would have been done much better for sure, unless they somehow knew that stars wouldn't be visible on the photos, and that the dust would fall quicker on the moon etc.

Hopefully, by now I have convinced you that we really did land on the moon in 1969, and do any of you have any comments, questions or views on this topic?

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