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The mystery of Ragnarok

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On Earth it was the year 1900, but on the far boundaries of the Universe,

a spaceship, code named RAGNAROK, was in the final stages of being built. This fine ship was years before its time. Then 2.7 earth weeks before launch, the launch was abruptly cancelled. The ship had taken 17.897 earth years to complete but with in the years of its development, the ship had structurally grown weaker with time.

    This ship, code named RAGNAROK had been built to with stand extreme punishment of space and time. 'RAGNAROK' was not of human origin but of the species known as Bansakka, part human part robot who's origin was of the planet Protus.

Finally 2.253 earth years later RAGNAROK was ready for launch.

     Earth year 1922 RAGNAROK was successfully released into orbit and 14.478 earth hours later RAGNAROK's control system went off line and into warp drive, to venture into unknown galaxies in order to protect peaceful nations. …


     The year 2200, earth was at its finest dawn.

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He then saw the enhancer as instructed, and with one touch of the yellow panel, he saw images of battles occurring in his thoughts.

At the same moment he heard a voice- a voice that to him did not seem human but robotic.

Nervously he asked:

   " Who. Who's there?"

   " I am RAGNAROK…" replied RAGNAROK.

   " Who?"  Whispered Zadane.

   " RAGNAROK. Ship of Bansakka. Warship of Protus"

   " You’re a ship! Tha's. That's impossible."  

   " Is it?" spoke RAGNAROK.

With its last word, Zadane was bombarded by more images – ships fighting each other with quick fire laser missiles and at lightening speeds to avoid being hit. …

There was a time,

a time of wealth,

A time of richness,

 Even a time of love.

With these times  of goodness,

There was an evil, this evil was of great power.

We tried to fight back and they created me

It took me 300 years to get here

 only I can stop them

 and with that you will to…………….

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" That is our target!" pronounced RAGNAROK

" WHAT?" yelled Zadane

" That is my target" repeated RAGNAROK

At this point Zadane realised that there was no turning back…

" Well if it is, I'm up for it let's get em…" screamed Zadane

" Attack mode REUPGRADE" commanded RAGNAROK

 Large metal movements could be heard. RAGNAROK was changing; it was changing into a more powerful ship.

" It's been nice knowing you. Let’s go!" yelled Zadane

They then went into a spin. RAGNAROK charged its lasers and fired. Many ships went down, they then concentrated on the mother ship.

"FFIIRREE"... IT was the greatest explosion in the universe and the last thing he remembered seeing.

When Zadane awoke he was back at home. He saw the RAGNAROK 50 metres away. He ran towards it climbed inside but no lights, only the dim controls. A message was on the control panel. It read

Thank you  zadane

You have completed my mission

I thank you

Accept this ship as my token of my appreciation

Its name is Rouge

Take care of her

Something’s you will never find  out about

The mystery of ragnarok.

Was this a dream?

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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