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The origin of life

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The origin of life

When considering the many theories involving “How life began” You must not consider a few main theories but a few main theory groups. Because there are literally hundreds of theories on this subject which can be grouped in to three main categories and then in to various sub categories.

  1. Creation science

This consists of about twelve theories that are based on the book Genesis all slightly varying in their interpretation. These can be split into two main groups, New and Old earth creationists.

  • New earth creationists believe that god created the earth its life forms and the universe less than a thousand years ago. They also believe the world was created within six days
  • Old earth creationists believe that the world is billions of years old they disagree with the new earth creationists because scientific evidence shows that the earth is considerably older than ten thousand years. Although they follow science on the earths age they believe that the earth was created as described in genesis. However they believe that the six days creation described in the bible in fact was stretched over a large period of time.
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Scientific views - main theories

 One of the main theories is that life started by chemical means in a rock where water, methane, ammonia and hydrogen were all present then with the added effect of lightening simple organic molecules formed the building blocks of life.

There was an experiment that was conducted in 1953 by Miller and Urey that supports that the conditions above could stimulate organic compounds to form.


“The Miller-Urey experiment attempts to recreate the chemical conditions of the primitive Earth in the laboratory, and synthesized some of the building blocks of life.


The Miller-Urey experiment (or Urey-Miller experiment) was an experiment that simulated hypothetical conditions present on the early Earth and tested for the occurrence of chemical evolution (the Oparin and Haldane hypothesis stated that conditions on the primitive Earth favored chemical reactions that synthesized organic compounds from inorganic precursors; the Miller-Urey tested this hypothesis).

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3 andCH4 but in fact mainly CO2 with perhaps some CO and the nitrogen mostly N2 so in fact parts of millers experiment may have been flawed.

Evidence against creation science from a scientists point of view

Creation scientists believe that all species were created within a couple of days of each other, amoebas and mammals were only created two days apart. They also believe that this all happened in about 4000 bc.

Therefore the main arguments against creation science are firstly that life began billions of years ago not around 6000 years ago. Secondly that it then took billions of years more for mammals to evolve not the few days that were described in the bible.

Therefore the story of creation according to genesis is widely discredited by scientists.

Personally as a scientist I believe that life was created by chemical means as proven by Miller. However I do not believe that this was a totally scientific process I think that it was someway controlled or perfectly arranged by a divine influence.

So overall I would place myself in the theistic evolution category.

By Jagpal Randhawa

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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