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The Plight of the Tierzans

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Omkar Joshi

The Plight of the Tierzans

“Sir, the full moon, just like in the vision.”

“Yes, Dimitri, this is the hour for which we have prepared.”

An army assembled in the streets. The soldiers were dressed in a dark green uniform as far as the eye could see. Anticipation dwelled in the air.

Then it happened.

Five massive creature resembling apes tore through the streets. Their fierce red eyes were focused on destruction. Grotesque smiles crossed their faces. Their hands gripped soldiers and tails whipped at them. The five creatures opened their mouths and showered enormous bright beams of energy over the city below. In vain the remaining soldiers struggled. The once flourishing city had been reduced to rubble. Planet Canasa was now Lord Anorial’s.

* * *

A baby cried. Glass capsules lined the walls. Inside each slept a baby, except in one. He sat awake crying. Two people approached the child.

“That child will be great, watch.”

“The son of a low-class soldier – I wouldn’t stake my reputation on that claim!” His companion checked his computer. “He’s Zorban’s son.”

“You just wait”, protested the first. “That’s the cry of a great warrior.”

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“What the heck is going on?”, Zorban cut in surprised.

“I have distributed your destructive force into a more tolerable energy. Soon you will all die.”

“We’ll see about that! Goodbye!”

“You have come here seeking psychic powers. Now you will see the future Zorban.”

“He who seeks the power, Anorial, will never have it, but you will witness the horror of demise as we did!”, cackled the Canasan.

“Shut up!” In a fit of rage Zorban launched a powerful energy beam at the Canasan, killing him.

* * *

A small despicable looking creature sat upon a chair, a malicious gleam lived in his eyes. A manifestation of evil named Anorial.

“Pardon me, Lord Anorial. Planet Canasa has been occupied as of last night. The Canasans are eradicated”, said Vioray.

“A band of low-level Tierzans took the job – they’re becoming comparable to our elites.”

“Our best fighters. Am I right?”

“Yes sire.”

“On a full moon, fully transformed, they’re hard to beat.”

“Are you afraid, Vioray?”

“This Zorban who led the assault – if he and his crew teamed up with other greats?”

“Hmmm”, thought Anorial.

* * *

A capsule containing Zorban leant against the wall.

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“No, Vioray. You’re going nowhere. There’s no need to chase after the bee anymore, I’ve decided to go straight for the hive,” laughed Anorial.

* * *

“Zorban your son just left before you arrived.”

“I wasn’t hallucinating. The other part of the vision must be true as well! He’s going to blow up the whole planet. I must warn the others.” He once again remembered what the Canasan had said.  If I’m able to see the future, there might be a way to change it, he thought. He ran down the hallways to find some soldiers. He explained to them that Anorial was out to get them all. They mocked him in disbelief. He had to stop Anorial. “Anorial, come out and fight me. You’ve lived long enough for my taste. We all quit. Find someone else to do your dirty work.” He fired an energy beam, “this is for all the people that we killed in your name.” Suddenly Anorial built up an enormous energy beam on the tip of his finger, releasing a beam headed straight for Zorban, and then Tierza. The beam ripping through him, Zorban had his final vision: his son on a battlefield, a dead Anorial at his side.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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