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The Resistance of a Wire.

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The Resistance of a Wire

Aim: To investigate how changing the length of a wire affects the resistance.

Prediction: I predict that the longer the piece of wire, the greater the resistance will be. This is because the current is resisted by the atoms in the wire. In a longer piece of wire, there would be more atoms for the electrons to collide with and so the resistance would be greater. The shorter piece of wire will have less resistance because their will be less particles causing less collision.
I also predict that the length of the wire and the resistance will be directly proportional.

Plan: In this investigation a simple circuit will be set up to read the voltage and current when the length of the wire changes.

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Hypothesis: many different things can effect the resistance of a wire.

Diameter: A small diameter will have a small surface area creating more resistance. A large diameter will allow the current to pass more freely with less resistance.

Length: The of the wire will also affect the resistance. If the wire is long their will be a higher resistance because their will be more particles for the current to pass.

Fair Test: To ensure that the investigation is carried out in a fair way and that the results will be accurate and reliable a number of things must be followed. The only variable in the test will be the length of the wire. The wire must be pulled tight against the ruler and taped in place to ensure the length is accurately measured.

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Safety: This experiment was not very dangerous but every experiment must have safety. The only precaution was to make sure that the voltage was not to high so that it started to burn the wires.

Evaluation: The experiment proved to be a success and it went very well although it could be improved by trying other lengths of wires to get a more varied results. Also the equipment we used was very old and if we were to do the experiment with new equipment I think the results would be very different.

Conclusion: My results support my prediction and the hypothesis in that the longer the wire the more resistance and the shorter the wire the less resistance. Also my graph results show a clear relationship between the length of the wire and the resistance. A steady increase of resistance every 10cm.

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