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The shorn Dream Planet X with Doctor Du and Larry the master.

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Bhavesh Makwana                                                16 October 2003



The shorn Dream Planet X with Doctor Du and Larry the master

It was another Monday morning with Shorn being moody, as school starts of at 8:45. The watch turned to 8:15 then 8:30, then 8:45 a big blast came through the door “Boom!!” as in his dream. He came through to Planet X, Welcome Master said one, people walking around in suits, one said command master any help no reply was made.

Doctor Du came through with chemicals, Master let me combined an equation for the DDFR agency. Few seconds later another Boom!, one said in the background ‘push to full bars’ master push to 4,700 the angle moved to another angle with a furious blast.

‘Fill that space, sir, there is a lot of

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‘What is going on set one can u hear me set one, set one!, there was no response the flight started to show a danger sign set on the warning screen…

Back at the port Larry the second master of the flight was finding information in tension and there came doctor Du again with the solved equation, replied there was something wrong the flight can blast of in to earth with in two hours the laser can not detect the F-1 flight we have try thousands of times.

‘Set one, set one anyone there, May day May day going through the radio set shorn was calling out May day but still no hope the fuel was showing to a warning as the computer it was running low fast.

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Andrew try and get him back. Rite away I am going master, I have more then any other persons chemical equations that will work to make him land safely back on to Shorns planet, Larry replied back furiously its not his planet he does not own anything I wont him out of power.

May day may day! I am loosing control I need to land I need to land again set one anyone there I cant help u was replied Doctor Du has sent a chemical through to you if it works there will be a blast, set one I am about to land on earth.

Shorn!! Where are you, your late for school have u got your GCSE exam today let me see SHORN! You have an exam today.

        Only if I can be the master of my own planet.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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