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The Story that change my life.

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The Story that change my life My friend's dad is a diving instructor; he teaches students how to dive in a proper environment which is safe. He teaches people from the age of seven and up wards. When you are seven, you can only do two courses but once you're twelve you can do three. It was my friend who encouraged me to start diving. Before I started or even heard about diving all I used to do was play football, watch television and play on the computer and long lie-ins at the weekend until about one' clock pm. Now, however I have to get up about five' clock am or six' clock. Only some weekends I am able to have a lie-in but most weekends I'm out diving. Before I started diving it took about a month and a half for me to persuade my mum to let me try diving. She was afraid in case anything might happen to me because diving is a dangerous sport. She was okay with it when I got my instruction John to come over and explain that everything would be just fine because with the try dive you only dive in the swimming pool. ...read more.


We got out and stayed out for about forty-five minutes. We just sat down and had a drink. When we finished our drinks and changed our cylinders, we went back into the water. The water was slightly warmer, so that was good. On the second dive in there we were only in there for about twenty-five minutes. This time all we did was swim around. Soon after that we had to get out and get ready to go home because it took four and a half ours to get back. They very next day I did my second pool dive which was good but before we could actually go in to the pool, we had to have a class room session. Tom and John my instructor's told two students and me what information we will need to know for our test. The information consists of, how to dive safely, what you should do in case of an emergency and the main rules of diving, which is Never Hold Your Breath; and some other important information. When they finished telling us this they gave us this book to read for about an hour and half to study. The hour and a half past so quickly, when the time was up Tom gave us this exam to do. ...read more.


We just walked around to see how big the quarry was, it was massive. There were even trote in there. Lots of trote. So we went back to the car to get kitted up. It took about twenty minutes for everyone to get ready. Once everyone was finished getting kitted up, we walked down to the entrance of the quarry. While we were in there we just completed the rest of the skills, then we swam around. When I was down there I saw two plains, one boat and one mini-submarine. By the time we did that it was time to get out because we were low on air. During the service interval we went to the caf´┐Ż and had a drink and a few chips. When we finished we went back to get kitted up again. When we were all kitted up we went down to the entrance and entered the water. On this dive we saw the planes again and we fed some trote. All of the trote were swimming through my legs and around me. When we got home I had to sign some forms and then John gave me my certificate to say that I was now an "open water diver". This changed my life now because I'm now allowed to dive any where in the world to eighteen metres with another diver who's qualified. ...read more.

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