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The Sunset.

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The Sunset The early morning fog hovers lazily, a couple of feet above the ground. It is cold and dark out. Traces of dew are still evident among the leaves, and lie thick along the pasture. The blades of grass are wet, and appear to be razor sharp. In a couple of minutes, the scene will change from dark to light and a new day will begin. A gentle breeze blows south and it seems that the trees loose their leaves in the gust. It's as if they are pointing in the direction of the wind. The leaves rustle together copiously and the sound is rather loud. Now the wind has died down, and the attention is once again turned to the thick mist. ...read more.


It is calm and motionless. I make my way down to the sand where I wait to see the sun hit the water and change the mood from an eerie scene out of a horror movie to a picturesque prospect that would even please the harshest of people. I'm sitting on the cold white sand, alone, taking in the surrounding beauty. The mist begins to lift and retreat ready to come out again at the same time exactly one day later. The darkness fades away and light begins to dominate. The tip of the sun meets the water and changes it from a depressing murky colour, to a sparkling shine. A line is created down the water from the sun, but is disturbed and skewed by the waves. ...read more.


It procrastinates for me to appreciate its beauty. People say that you should never directly look into the sun, but then who could they appreciate its magnificence? The sun soars above the water, getting closer to its well-known position in the sky. The day is now lit brightly as the sun begins to work. Coldness has turned to hot, and any areas of darkness have been banished and the scenario is only filled with joyful sections of well light encounters. I could write for ten years and still not nearly describe its beauty accurately. Witnessing the sunrise at my favorite beach location can only be seen as priceless. This is a sanctuary for me, a place to escape reality and just drift away, drift away in the ocean towards the sun, hoping that one day I can finally reach it. Anthony Pasla English 101 PW#2 Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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