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The tiger is a rare species that once had eight sub-species to its name. Now, however, the count of subspecies has been brought down to five due to the poachers who hunt these beloved animals.

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There are many species in the large cat family. One such large cat is the endangered Bengal tiger. The Bengal tiger is most well known for the white fur of its more rare type, but it is in fact not an albino animal because of its pigmented stripes. The stripes of a tiger are all different. No two tigers have the same style of stripes. The tiger is a rare species that once had eight sub-species to its name. Now, however, the count of subspecies has been brought down to five due to the poachers who hunt these beloved animals. The four other species of tiger are the Siberian, South China, Indochinese, and Sumataran tigers1. All of these sub-species usually have reddish orange fur with mostly vertical black, brown, or gray stripes. There are some rare tigers that are actually white-furred and have piercing blue eyes. At full maturity a male tiger usually reaches the weight of five hundred pounds. ...read more.


The speed a tiger can reach is usually between sixty kilometers an hour and seventy kilometers an hour. They may be able to run fast, but they do have a ton of stamina, which means that most hunts are rather short. A tiger actually needs to sleep sixteen to eighteen hours a day, which also decreases their hunting time. Unlike their lion cousins, tigers are solitary and therefore hunt alone. Tigers may hunt alone, but there are instances where two tigers will come together. Most of the time two tigers can be found sharing a large kill. The only other times a tiger is seen with another tiger is during a reproduction or sharing a water hole. Reproduction between tigers usually occurs when the female reaches three to four years of age. As always the male matures later. The male tiger reaches maturity during its fourth or fifth year of life. ...read more.


Another problem facing the Bengal tigers comes in the form of building companies. Economic prosperity is another big reason why tigers are being killed. Much of the tiger's natural habitat is being destroyed to build something on it or to use its valuable resources. This drives tigers from their homes. If the exact area the tigers' lives in has not been destroyed, it is still faces with the repercussions of the loggers' actions. Animals that the tiger depend on to live are also reaching low levels of existence. The Bengal tiger is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. It is not the fastest of the big cats or the most agile, but tigers are well feared in the wild. There are five sub-species to the tiger and all are carnivores. These magnificent animals have many threats places on their existence. They can be found in many zoos around the world living under protected conditions. Hopefully the tigers will pull through and never go extinct. ...read more.

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