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There is a spring under the Harvey Grammar School, Your job is to market it, what do you do ?

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There is a spring under the Harvey Grammar School, Your job is to market it, what do you do ? Product If you found a spring there would be a few things you would have to do first before you could even begin selling (marketing) it as a mineral or bottled water. (1.) You would have to claim ownership of the water from the springs, this could be a problem because if somebody already owns the spring they may have a right to the profits. (2.) You would have to check to see whether or not the water contained minerals, otherwise it's just bottled water, not mineral water. This can make a difference when it comes to trying to sell your product. (3.) You would have to check that no-body else owns the mineral or bottled water rights in that area. ...read more.


The idea travelled over here and now waters such as this are a very easy way to make money, however there is very stiff competition from bigger companies such as Perrier, Volvic, Highland-spring, and Buxton mineral water. Price For families I would use a big 5 litre plastic bottle with easy to carry handle on the top with my label applied to the front. For the business meetings I would create a glass bottle with blue glass to make it seem more professional, I would also create a 500ml plastic plain bottle with my logo on the front and a 2litre bottle with my logo on the front. Also who your selling to determines the price of course, for the 500ml bottle I would charge about 95p, for the 2 litre bottles I would charge about �3.50, for the family bottles I would charge �10.00 and for the business bottles I would charge �6.00. ...read more.


You might also want to include a family size bottle to last a family of 4 say a week. The problem with this is that they are three different groups by which you would need to include three different types of packaging, for instance you would need a fancy glass bottle for the business meetings whereas you might choose to have a big plastic 5 litre bottle for the families. I have done some market research into the subject. Most com Companies will change depending on who they are trying to focus on, the glass bottle will still be used in caf�s and restaurants but the plastic one will be sold in town centre's for people who do not have time to stop and eat lunch so there must be a more mobile option. I would not waste time producing a extremely complicated label as something as simple as these would do. Alasdair Muir, 4K, Business Studies Essay-Spring Water, Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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