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To Determine the Concentration of Limewater

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To Determine the Concentration of Limewater Apparatus: ? 10cm3 volumetric pipette ? marker pen ? teat pipette ? rinse bottle and distilled water ? bench cloth ? 250cm3 beaker ? small funnel ? 100cm3 beakers ? 1dm3 volumetric flask and stopper ? 100cm3 burette with stand Chemicals: ? Standardised 2.00mol dm-3 HCl acid solution. ? Approx. 1g dm-3 Ca(OH)2 in 250cm3 of limewater. ? Methyl orange indicator Balanced equation: Ca(OH)2 + 2HCl --> CaCl2 + 2H2O Safety: ? Wear safety goggles and lab coats through out the experiment. ...read more.


Pour fresh acid into 100cm3 beaker and label it "undiluted acid". 3.) Rinse the volumetric pipette with 10cm3 of HCl and discard to waste beaker. 4.) Use pipette to accurately measure 10cm3 of HCl into the 1dm3 volumetric flask. 5.) Add distilled water in a wash bottle to the acid until the level has almost reached the white line, then use a teat pipette to fill it up to the point where the meniscus is just on the line. 6.) Insert stopper and invert flask to ensure complete mixing. ...read more.


8.) Add 2-3 drops of methyl orange indicator solution to the Ca(OH)2 in the conical flask. 9.) Add the acid from the burette to the flask, with swirling, about 1cm3 at a time, until the indicator changes colour from orange to pink. 10.) Note down your reading. Your titre is derived from the difference in the two readings. 11.) Repeat the procedure. 12.) Carry out titrations until you have at least 2 results which agree to �0.1cm3. Dilution calculation: We need a titre which isn't too large as to not be able to fit in a 100cm3 burette, and not too small as to make the measurement highly inaccurate with large % errors. ...read more.

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