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To find out how or if oxygen debt indicates level of fitness.

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31st March 03 Kelly Maloney Investigating oxygen debt Introduction We are trying to find out how or if oxygen debt indicates level of fitness, and if this connects to how long it takes for oxygen debt to be repaid to find this out we will use the evidence from our pulse rates. The variables we will need to keep in mind will be * Minutes of exersice * Conditions of exercise, for example if someone is exercise inside where it is hot and someone is exercise outside where it is cold it could make a difference in the loss of body heat * Using averages from the same day because you could be feeling ill or tired or just different on another day. Normally when we produce energy we use aerobic respiration, which means with oxygen. We breath in through the nose and mouth, the air then travels down our trachea, through the bronchus then through the bronchiole which are branched off from the bronchiole and into the alveoli which are little air sacs the are then travel through the wall of the alveoli and ...read more.


I think that the fittest person in the group will have the steepest sloping graph and therefore the lowest oxygen debt. Method To begin with we must get an average pulse rate at resting from each member of the group so we can compare it to after exercise and we can also se when the pulse rate is back to resting. If we take the pulse rate 3 and multiply the answers by 4 to get the pulse rate for the full minute and then add the answers together and divide them by three to get an average we can get a good average from that. The next thing we need to do is work out what exercise we are going to do and for how long. It is important that we do the same exercise for the same amount of time so that it is a fair test as doing the exercise for a longer amount of time than someone else is obviously going to create more oxygen debt. ...read more.


The graphs show a very strange pattern in the other two, maybe the heart needs a rest and begins beating slow and then speeds up again to pay off the rest of the oxygen debt but the heart rate goes even lower than resting. Vicky and Kelly's oxygen debt would seem to have gone within the first minute after exercise from looking at the graph but heather takes 5 minutes for her heart rate to go back to resting. Evaluation I tried hard at this experiment putting a lot of thought care and time into it. It was interesting how the results turned out. The experiment went well and we didn't have many problems other than Rosie not being able to take part because she had a sprained ankle but it didn't really make a difference. I think it is well presented and I learned how draw a table on the computer but I have still not worked out how to input a graph. My method is quite detailed to say there are only really four stages and I could have written it in four lines. I think I have done very well. ...read more.

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