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To find out how the rate of a reaction is affected by the concentration of the acid.

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Lisa Wilson Rates of Reaction Coursework Aim To find out how the rate of a reaction is affected by the concentration of the acid. Introduction Reactions occur faster when the key factors are altered. For a chemical reaction to occur particles must collide together. For any reaction to be successful the collision had to transfer enough energy. If there is not enough energy transferred the particles will just bounce off one another without the atoms rearranging new substances. If the temperature of a chemical reaction is increased, energy will be transferred to it. This energy will go back to the particles as kinetic energy. So heating a chemical reaction results in the particles moving faster. When particles are moving faster they are more likely to collide, and gain more energy. When particles move faster they gain energy, this will lead to collision, which in turn will lead to a reaction. A catalyst can be used in experiments to speed up or slow down a reaction. A catalyst often provides a surface where the particles can meet to react. Reactions that occur in this way need less energy transferred to make a collision successfully. They often allow reactions to work at a lower temperature so fuel is saved. If the surface area were increased particles would collide more. ...read more.


Place each piece into a test tube. * Put 5cm of acid, the lowest concentration of acid into the first test tube. And then complete this for the other 4, increasing the concentration each time. * Using the stopwatch, time how long it takes for each reaction to occur. * Repeat this method for the other test tubes, increasing the concentration of acid each time. And record each concentration twice, so that the outcome should be two sets of similar results. * Record all results. Ensure that safety goggles are worn at all times throughout the experiment. Make sure that all apparatus are sited in a safe place, to avoid spillage/breakage. For this experiment the acid that I will be using is Hydrochloric Acid, it is corrosive acid, so care must be taken, avoiding spillage. Fair Test I must ensure my experiment is fair. To do this I must only change on variable, in this case it is the concentration of hydrochloric acid. The other variables must stay the same, for example, the amount of acid and the size of the magnesium. Throughout the experiment I will take 5 readings and repeat each reading twice so I will end up with two sets of results. Results Concentration of acid (Molarity) ...read more.


My experiment went well but I could in the future make sure that my results are as accurate as possible, this could be achieved by making sure the measurements of the acids and magnesium are all measured accurately, the same. By making sure that my measurements are all identical, with no measurement different to another. On my graph not all of the results are on the curve, this could be due to the differences in the concentration of the acids, and how the concentration is related to the speed of the reactions. If I had to do the experiment again I would have changed the way I measured out my magnesium, as I think the size of the magnesium was slightly too large, as some of my tests took a while for the reaction to occur. So by using slightly smaller pieces of magnesium, the reactions would occur slightly faster, and they should still bring a similar outcome. If both, my results and the results from the new experiment turned out similar, with no pattern. It would suggest accuracy in both experiments. My evidence was reliable because I kept all the amounts of acid and magnesium as accurate as I could. And I tried to keep them all the same size. Both sets of results were similar, so this suggests reliability and accuracy. If I had more time I would have also investigated how reactions can be affected by a change in temperature. ...read more.

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