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To find the most efficient but simple method of keeping a Hot Water Tank Warm for 20 minutes.

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Science coursework Hot Water Tank: It's Gettin' Hot In Here!! By Nazreen Kosar Hussain Planning Task Title To find the most efficient but simple method of keeping a Hot Water Tank Warm for 20 minutes. Aim My aim is to find the easiest yet most successful way to keep a Hot Water Tank warm for 20 minutes. Scientific Background Heat flows when there is a difference in temperature. It flows from the hotter region to the cooler region therefore making both regions equal in temperature. There are three ways in which this can happen. 1-Conduction Conduction is when vibrating particles pass on their extra vibration to their neighbouring particles. This only happens in solids e.g. a wooden spoon. 2-Convection Convection is when a liquid or a gas moves from a hotter region to a cooler region e.g. water. 3-Radiation This happens through waves. Radiation waves only travel in vacuums e.g. from the sun to earth. ...read more.


I will then pour 250ml of water into each beaker. I will leave the beakers standing for 20 minutes using a stopwatch and note the difference in temperature after every 2 minutes. Finally I will repeat the whole experiment. Fair Test To make this test fair firstly I will make sure that all the water is at the same temperature to begin with and there is the same amount of water. I will also make sure that they are all left together in the same room so that the temperature around them will be the same. Finally I shall do this experiment twice to ensure that I obtain accurate results. Equipment Four beakers, thermometer, water, kettle, aluminium foil, wool, bubble wrap, stopwatch, measuring cylinder, paper towel, and scissors Apparatus Safety To make this experiment safe I should make sure I hold the water and the hot plastic beaker with care as it could burn me. ...read more.


There are no anomalies in my work. Evaluation Accuracy and Reliability I feel that I could have made my results more accurate by taking the temperature more often e.g. every minute. I could have also used a proper water tank instead of using a plastic beaker. Overall I think the reliability of my results is fair but improvements could have been made to make it a 100 per cent accurate. Improvements Improvements could have been made by lengthening the overall time or by shortening it. I could also have done this experiment three times to see if there was a difference in the results and to also make it more accurate. I don't think any more repeats than three would really make a difference to the outcome. Extending the Investigation I could extend the investigation by combining one or more ways of insulation to see the outcome e.g. wool and bubble wrap (as shown above). I could also have experimented with more different types of insulation. Instead of using a plastic beaker I could have used a glass or metal one to see if there was a difference in the results. ...read more.

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