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To investigate factors which affect pulse rates when exercising.

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Aim: To investigate factors which affect pulse rates when exercising. Key Factors: * What exercise * How long for * Speed * Temperature * Surface * Fitness * Clothes * Time of day * Digestion The major key factors are underlined in purple, and the one I am going to investigate is in pink. What exercise - this is important because if you do something tiring, for example jumping and someone else does something quite relaxing for example walking, then the person doing the walking will not be pushing there selves to the limit and finding out there final plateau because its not tiring. How long for - this is important because the longer you do it for the more likely you are to reach your plateau and it increases the amount of exercising you are doing to see how long you can do without getting tired. Speed - this is important because the faster you do it the more you are pushing yourself, but if you do it slowly then you aren't pushing yourself enough and won't reach your target. Prediction: I predict that when I increase the time that I skip for my pulse rate will go up and I will breathe faster because I know that when people exercise, the body needs energy, this occurs within the body when respiration happens, oxygen is needed for respiration. ...read more.


* staying on the same surface during my experiment * making sure that my pulse is back to resting in between each measurement These will help make my test a fair test because it makes sure that all the other key factors are controlled. Results: Time of skipping Pulse rates Average Resting: 76 b.p.m 76 76 76 30 seconds 130 b.p.m 152 132 138 60 seconds 180 b.p.m 168 168 172 90 seconds 132 / 168 b.p.m 174 174 160 / 172 120 seconds 174 b.p.m 174 174 174 150 seconds 174 b.p.m 174 174 174 The measurements in pink are the ones that I re-did because they were anomalies and did not fit the trend. Time taken for Pulse rate to get back to normal: Average 30 30 30 30 60 90 120 90 90 120 120 110 120 135 135 130 150 140 140 143 Conclusion: My graph shows me that my investigation went well as the shape tells me that I have reached my plateau, which is what was expected. The factor I chose made my pulse rate go up as I was exercising because the cells were respiring and needed more oxygen to produce energy for my muscles to work. The graph shape is like that of my predicted one because my pulse rate went up rapidly and then reached its final target, my results also show this. ...read more.


I tried to keep going without the skipping rope every time that I lost it or I would add some extra time onto the end to make sure that I did the full time so it would be accurate. To improve the results even more you could get an electric pulse reader so that it would be very accurate and you would know exactly when you were back to resting pulse and when you had reached your plateau. That would be very simple and would make your results very accurate. You could make sure you were in a room that stayed the same temperature at all times and you could make sure you had enough time on one day so the experiment did not carry onto the next. Also you could have an electric skipping rope which you would not have to use yourself and it would keep the same pace all the way through so you didn't speed up or slow down. Or you could change the type of exercise that you knew you could stick to the same pace and do without messing it up e.g. without losing the skipping rope. Overall my results were consistent but could do with some changes to make it accurate, like using the electric pulse reader and concentrating more. Charlotte Torrance 10.1C Mrs Marriott ...read more.

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