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To investigate how surface area affects the rate of transpiration of leaves.

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To investigate how surface area affects the rate of transpiration of leaves. Skill P: To show that transpiration did occur on a leaf we did a preliminary experiment. We took two plants, and set them in a bell jar, one of the plants was cut beneath its leaves, so that we could show that if it did transpire it would be from the leaves and not the stem. The experiment was set up like this: Water appeared on the side of the bell jar, this shows that transpiration does occur through the leaves of a plant. ...read more.


I think that our results will show that surface area will not make any difference to the amount perspired, even if a bigger leaf might have more chlorophyll. I think that this will happen because I think that the even if one leaf perspires faster in the end they would have perspired the same amount. I took 3 leaves of different shapes and took down their mass; we took their mass on a weighing scale of two decimal points as it is more accurate. We then hanged them up on a threat with a peg. ...read more.


This is a diagram to show how our equipment was set up: This is a table to show my results: Mass of leaf in grams (g) Surface Area of Leaf (in cm�) Mass of the leaf at the beginning (0min) Mass of leaf after 20 min Mass of leaf after 40 min Total mass lost Leaf 1 56 1/2 1.96 1.91 1.90 0.06 Leaf 2 33 1/2 1.18 1.16 1.14 0.04 Leaf 3 22 1/2 0.89 0.86 0.86 0.03 We only did one reading as we couldn't repeat this experiment as it is impossible to have the same leaf with the same amount of surface area, and the conditions would have to be the same. ...read more.

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