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To investigate how the strength of an electromagnet change as you varies the number of turns of the coils.

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Physic coursework on electromagnet

Aim: To investigate how the strength of an electromagnet change as you varies the number of turns of the coils.

Introduction: In this experiment, we are going to design a circuit to test what factors can make the electromagnet stronger and how we can do that.

Electromagnet is a solenoid (coil of wires) with an Iron core. When an electric current flowing through a wire, it creates a magnetic field in the region of the wire. This is a way how magnetic created, which is known as electromagnetism.

Solenoid is a long coil made up of a number of turns of wire. When a current flows through solenoid each turn acts as a single coil and produces a magnetic field.


This diagram shows the field pattern around the solenoid.

There are some methods to increase the strength of the electromagnet, which are: -

  1. Increase the size of the current.
  2. Increase the number of turns the coil has.
  3. Use a soft iron.

Using a soft iron can increase the strength of the electromagnet, because it can turn off and on, therefore it can change easily between being magnetized and demagnetized.

The reason why increasing the number of

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Iron core


To test the strength of the electromagnet.



To connect the electricity to the magnet.

Power Box


To get the exactly the same current flowing through the electromagnet.


10 X 10g

To test the strength of the electromagnet.


10 X 100g

To test the strength of the electromagnet.

Conductor (Iron)


To test the amount of weight that the magnet can hold.



To make the electromagnet stronger.

Crocodile clips


To join the circuit.




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Repeat the experiment three or more times and compare the results, because every experiment have different readings, so if we compare it, it will make it better.Making sure that when wrapping the bar magnet, it is all in one direction, this is because the direction of the magnetic field is depends on the direction of the electric current creating.


In a science lap, there are many rules we have to follow to prevent the risks of having an accident.

  1. We do not run in a laboratory, because accidents may occur if we run.
  2. If you have long hair, tie it back, because it might get into your way during the experiment.
  3. Do not put your hand below the iron core, because when the electromagnet is not strong enough to carry the weight, it will drop on the table, therefore it will hurt your hand. Due to the iron core is heavy and hard.
  4. When carrying the weights, use both of your hands, because they might too heavy.
  5. When getting the apparatus, get one at a time, because when accidents happen, it will lower the risk of serious injured.
  6. Always wear goggles; this is because it can protect your eyes from blindness.


  • AQA Modular Science-“The Revision Guide” Edited by Richard Parsons.
  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/physics/electricity/electromagneticforcesrev2.shtml
  • http://www.4learning.co.uk/apps/homework/index.jsp

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