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To investigate the behaviour of pieces of potato in different salt solutions.

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Biology Investigation Aim: To investigate the behaviour of pieces of potato in different salt solutions. Plan: In my investigation, I have decided to vary the concentration of the salt solutions. I will use 0.0molar (distilled water), 0.2molar, 0.4molar, 0.6molar, 0.8molar, and 1.0molar salt solutions. I think the potato in 0.0 molar salt will gain more weight than the potato in 1.0molar salt solution. This will happen because of osmosis. *Osmosis is the movement of solvent through a semipermeable membrane, separating solutions of different concentrations. The solvent passes from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated solution until the two concentrations are equal.* The semipermeable membranes hold back the large molecules, letting the smaller ones through. What am I going to do? ...read more.


Diagram: Variables: Heat is a variable because it speeds up the enzymes, and the reaction will take place faster. I must use the same variety of potatoes throughout the experiment, to ensure it's a fair test. The pieces of potato should all be roughly the same size because osmosis takes place on the surface of the potato. I must make sure I use the same quantity in each test tube because if there's more, it will take longer and more osmosis will be able to take place. Prediction: Because I know that osmosis will take place during this experiment, I can predict that as the concentration of the salt solution increases, the weight of the potato pieces will decrease. Results:- Table1 Concentration (m) ...read more.


This happens until the concentrations on either side of the membrane are equal. Evaluation: This experiment was a good way to obtain results, because they results were the most accurate results that I can achieve. Looking at my graph, I do have a few results that appear to be out of place, but Im unsure of why. I would improve this experiment, by following the same procedure, but using a variety of potatoes, some would be baking potatoes, others would be old ones. Using a variety of potatoes would enable me to see if the variety has an effect on the rate of osmosis. Conclusion: After this investiagtion, my conclusion is that different concentrations of salt solutions, does have an effect on osmosis. I can see this by looking at my results table. The weight of the potato pieces decreases as the concentration of the salt solution increases. *ref:1998 Hutchinson Encyclopedia* Biology Investigation.. Sarah Harrison 10.2B Sarah Harrison 10.2B ...read more.

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