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To make sure the main investigation would be successful, we needed to determine which wire to use, the minimum length we would work with and the voltage we would use

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Resistance Investigation Introduction For the resistance investigation, we were given a brief to find a factor that affects resistance in a piece of a wire. We had a choice of four variables to investigate; changing the cross sectional area of the wire, changing the length of the wire, investigating different types of wire or finally looking at temperature. I chose the second option, varying the length, because I found it interesting without it being too challenging, making it easier to record a set of reliable results. ...read more.


To choose these variables we carried out a preliminary experiment. Diagram: Table: Wire Diameter (cm) Length (cm) Voltage (V) Did the wire heat? Bare (dia 24 SWS) 0.05 5.0 6 Yes, and it glowed Bare (dia 24 SWS) 0.05 5.0 3 Yes Bare (dia 24 SWS) 0.05 5.0 2 Slightly Bare (dia 24 SWS) 0.05 10.0 3 Slightly Bare (dia 24 SWS) 0.05 10.0 2 No Conclusion: From our preliminary experiment, we decided to use 2V. ...read more.


This would have an effect because the electrons move quicker through the wire the higher the temperature gets. However, when we used 2V, the wire did not heat for the 10 cm sample, but the readings on the voltmeter and ammeter were still sensible and would be easy to work with. We also decided to stick with the first wire we tested as it worked well, although our minimum length for the wire will be 10 cm because the wire got too hot with all different voltages for the 5 cm pieces. 1 Resistance Investigation 2 ...read more.

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