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To What Extent Can Humanity Be Enlightened In The Future?

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To What Extent Can Humanity Be Enlightened In The Future?

Earth has been the center point of humanity's thought and existence since its creation.  Humanity goes about, everyday, trying to figure out where its place is on this planet.  Most people have their own solution to this dilemma; religion.  How can humanity worship other entities when in fact there is just one loving entity.  Unfortunately, earth has so many religions that no one knows what is right and what is wrong.  I was faced with this dilemma as a child.  My parents forced religion on me like a mad man forcing someone to shoot their friend.  Little did I know that a life without freedom of religion (or thought) would have been death for me.  Luckily for me, I discovered Spirituality; a ship sailing through a sea of unlimited consciousness and thought.  Spirituality is similar in design to religion, but it is not dictated by leaders or rulers, or a doctrine of rules and disciplines.  It is instead the belief that life is a never ending cycle.    A cycle where Souls

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        Reincarnation is quite an unusual concept, indeed, but with this in mind it almost, entirely, eliminates the need for religion.  Most people need religion because they stress someone to tell them how and what to believe in, a higher consciousness.  I believe that Humanity has reached a point where that is no longer requirement.  Today's religions are too archaic and the irony of an archaic religion is that it is no more wiser than it was when it was initiated.  It has continued throughout the centuries preaching the same principles over and over again.  That kind of ideology is too outdated for the twenty-first century.  No Being has knowledge about what religion is truly right or wrong.  The choices are endless and utterly confusing.  These choices are truly an example of a vast ocean that has no horizon.  No guidance exists that points Humanity in the direction of the most orthodox doctrine.  Although, Souls which are noble and have learned from experience have an easy grasping of the Spirituality concept.  I believe that Humanity is slowly waking up to the realization of Spirituality.  It is as if a global consciousness shift is and has been planned for earth.

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        Once Humanity has reached the dock on the other side, the possibilities of an  intriguing, enlightened future will be more than possible.  Although this will only be possible with an entire global shift towards the notion of Spirituality.  As a result, fears, wars, hate, and evil will all be eliminated from the face of the earth.  Humanity will truly enter a time that has not been seen on earth.  I know that the divine time where a unified earth will become a reality is soon approaching.  Instead of pointing fingers and accusing people for all our problems, Humanity should begin to focus towards an era of peace and prosperity.  

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