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Urban Myth.

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Urban Myth It was an early Sunday morning and the sun was out yet the birds were silent and there wasn't a living creature for miles. The red-hot sun beamed down on the ground, scorching the asphalt. Stillness, stillness and silence, suddenly a red, fierce, Ferrari came roaring down the tarmac, with music pumped to the max and foot firmly on the pedal, leaving a trail of dust in its path. Behind the wheel, was a young, beautiful lady with not a worry in the world. Her mobile rang, she was unable to find her mobile she reached into the glove compartment and kept her eyes firmly on the road. With one hand firmly on the steering wheel and one hand in the glove compartment she searched for her mobile. Finally she found something that felt like her mobile and she grabbed it. It was trapped though. She looked down at the glove compartment to see why it was jammed. ...read more.


No one to help, no one to save her and no one to wake her. Not a soul for miles. A few minutes later she wakes up, blood running down her forehead, dark red thick blood, flowing slowly, that was drying with the intensity of the sun's rays hitting her. Frightened and hurt, she crawls out of the car and lays down on the ground. Looking up she sees the sun shining brightly and sees birds flying above, past her. She cries out to them, "help...help me", but there's no one to hear her cries for help. She rests there for a few minutes getting flashbacks of her life, family and friends. She sees images of her parents, she reaches out to it, but it vanishes. She tries to get up, knowing she'll be in excruciating pain. Getting up, she grabs the bonnet of her car and pulls herself up. Miraculously she feels no pain, she looked at the wrangled wreckage of her car then saw blood, all over the dark black leather seats, it flowed down her seat ...read more.


Two paramedics rushed out. She carried on walking back to the wreckage. Sirens, gazing back she saw two police cars heading her way, whoosh! They raced passed her, only just missing her. She arrives at the roadside near the helicopter, starts walking down to the wreckage, and hears the paramedics urging "wake up... wake up...come on, one, two, three, get the blood transfusion unit! Hurry we don't have much time". Wondering who the paramedics are saving she shouts out "Hello, hello...I'm the owner of the car, who else is hurt?". No reply, with her heart beating fast and bewildered at the thought that she hit another human being, she runs as fast as she can. Her heart pumping, she can feel the beats...thud, thud, thud. Her head spinning, fear, fright, alarm, and panic... she runs up to the paramedics. She looks down to realise that it's her own body, she turned away and looked again, her own body. Everything around her went blank, she starts to lift up off the ground. A sigh and a voice says, "time of death ten fifty two, Sunday thirteenth march" By, Kamlesh Vadukul (11set3 English Mrs. Crighton) ...read more.

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