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Volumetric Analysis Practicals

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Volumetric Analysis Practicals 1 Preparing a Standard Solution of about 0.2M Sodium Carbonate Accurately Known 2 Standardising Approximately 0.5M Hydrochloric Acid Solution 3 Standardising Approximately 0.2M Sodium Hydroxide Solution 4 Finding the Relative Molecular mass of calcium carbonate in a 'Back Titration' EXPERIMENT 1 PREPARING A STANDARD SOLUTION OF ABOUT 0.2M SODIUM CARBONATE, ACCURATELY KNOWN Method 1 Weigh accurately (to two decimal places) between 5.10g and 5.50g of anhydrous sodium carbonate in a weighing bottle. ...read more.


-Be sure to rinse the weighing bottle out with the distilled water and pour it into the beaker in order to get all of the sodium carbonate. 3 Transfer the solution to a 250cm3 volumetric flask, using the funnel and stirring rod as shown below. -Make sure all solution goes into the volumetric flask by, again, rinsing apparatus with distilled water into the funnel. 4 Make the volume up to 250cm3 using distilled water. ...read more.


These are chemicals that are available in a pure form that can be weighed out in appropriate molar quantities and dissolved and made up to the correct volume to make a standard solution. 2. If your sodium carbonate had been impure, what effect would it have had on the final concentration of the solution you made up? The concentration would be less as although the same quantities of sodium carbonate would be weighed out, as it is impure and not all sodium carbonate there will e less in the solution. And there will be other substances present in the solution. ...read more.

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