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Water Crisis in Australia

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Water Crisis Australia is experiencing a severe drought due to overuse of water and insufficient rainfall. This has been the case for many years although we have continued to neglect the inevitable outcomes of this current water crisis. As a result we have started to see first-hand the effects it is has had on our environment and our economy. It is only now, once the damage has been done, that people are looking to rectify the issue and find a plausible solution. A diverse range of people from different industries and groups have been savagely affected due to the current water crisis. People in the agricultural industry are most significantly affected due to the way and manner in which their business is run. ...read more.


He indicates that the changing rainfall patterns alongside reductions in rainfall are causing great concern and are the main issues and not just limited rainfall alone. Water is seemingly falling in the wrong areas of Australia and therefore not filling vital catchments and damns. Relying on one single form of supplying water to Australia's home has also become a government issue. Rainwater runoffs into catchments have proven to be insufficient in terms of meeting the requirements of water of the Australian people. The government looks towards exploiting other ways of gaining water through either importation, desalination or recycling. Being close to an election, this issue should be treated as a bipartisan where both parties agree on finding a solution to our water crisis. ...read more.


Desalination is another way in which we can reuse our water and overcome the issue of the water crisis. This water can be drinkable although extensive costs are required in order for the construction of infrastructure capable of accomplishing this. The water crisis in Australia has proven to be a problem that needs immediate attention. As dam levels continue to decline, we must be prepared for the inevitable. Due to many options such as importing, desalinating and recycling water being available and many opinions in the air, the issue of water crisis has been difficult to solve completely. Keeping our options opened however allows us to cope with any problems that unexpectedly arise. By doing so, we can rest assured that water will continue to be available to Australian residents and business owners. ...read more.

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