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We have been studying 3 of Sheena Pugh's poems which all relate to earth and mankind .One of them was 'the craft I left in was called Esau' .

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Mark Postans          English coursework                Earth studies / Sheena Pugh

Set 1                        

We have been studying 3 of Sheena Pugh’s poems which all relate to earth and mankind . In poem one titled ‘the craft I left in was called Esau’ , it shows the weary travellers that had to leave earth for one reason or another in a timid and nervous mood , simply searching for a new place to live. The poem makes the reader feel tense almost waiting for something to happen. The fact they had to leave portrays a sense of imminent danger , the fact they scratched the word Esau on the door makes it seem like it was done in haste as if to say they could have been wiped out at any moment. The name Esau on the door relates to the bible story when Esau sells his heritage to his brother Jacob for a bowl of pottage which is to say that we’ve abused the earth.

      The second poem we read was called ‘Do you think we’ll ever get to see earth sir?’ and it shows our characters taking trips to see earth like sightseers . Our teacher Christie stating the ideas concepts pointlessness as there is hardly anything to see.

      The third poem was called ‘Geography 1’ and is about an island called Surtsey which was actually a volcano.

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  This poem has no poem but has simple language however the reader is compelled to continue reading just in case they miss something important that’s about to happen.

   The second poem we have studied that is written by Sheena Pugh is called ‘Do you think we’ll ever get to see earth sir?’. It is about a cynical earth survivor getting quite emotive about the concept of savouring lost memories or in this case , earth. The poem is written as a brief lecture to a student  , which almost instructs the student about what to do if he sees even the smallest image of the past. The writer makes us think about the future by making us think about how we will be remembered by our descendants.

  While reading you can’t help but think about what fate could lead to the evacuation of earth , the thing that hangs in my mind is the concept of a nuclear war , the reason this ties in with the poem is that we hear the teacher say “they’re still toxic” ……a nuclear war could potentially do this. This poem has a person telling it with a very sharp , sarcastic tone in their voice , this gives the impression that this person just wants the chance to forget.

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The first poem made me feel quite tense because you had to imagine being on a ship seeing your life fade into the distance , poem two made me feel quite cynical as the fact it’s a personal poem makes it easier to fal into the very plot of the character Christie and so you do see the point he is making. The third poem ‘Geography 1’gave you a feeling of having too much energy followed by too little because it’s a transition from “that flood of colours” to “just an offshore island”. I did prefer the third poem because as I said before it has a conceivable concept. These three poems do show ‘the end of earth’, ‘returning to earth’, ‘and a new bit of earth’, this shows devolution but in a way evolution because a new bit of earth implies a new, fresh start.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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