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What atmosphere does Lorca create in Blood Wedding and how does he create it?

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Name: Lasse Bresson Krøner

Candidate number: 006

What atmosphere does Lorca create in Blood Wedding and how does he create it?

The classical and highly acknowledged play Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca delivers many symbols and similes which communicates the themes of the play and also create an atmosphere which Lorca directs as he wants it. With an excellent skill of writing Lorca draws the audience into the surreal play with this intense atmosphere. It also makes the spectators understand the deeper meaning of the tale.

 The atmosphere in the play is ever changing. It starts out as a heavy dark sinister foreboding, the semi-subconscious sense that death will take place in the play with the mentioning of the knife. When it is known that a marriage is to take place the atmosphere is slightly lifted in the joyous occasion. However Lorca quickly shows the conflicts that are taking place within Leonardo and the Bride, and also between them, and the now almost obvious menace that hangs over the setting.

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 The tension rises when marriage is mentioned and it is immediately very clear that conflicting forces are behind these events. Leonardo and the Bride's apparent dislike to their marriages which is seen very early on with Leonardo's outbursts,

"Why can't you just shut up?"

(Act 1, Scene 2)

and the Bride's aggressive manner,

"taking her wrists Leave them!"

(Act 1, Scene 3)

confirms that trouble is rising on the horizon and, since the foreshadowing of death is already present, it leaves a breathless feeling, a surge of knowledge of what will happen.

 The actions of the characters also contribute to the atmosphere. When Leonardo at the wedding party keeps coming and going it gives him a sort of constant menacing aura that reminds us that this occasion is full of contradiction within.

 At the point when the Bride and Leonardo runs off and people starts to chase them it is like an explosion of events that has been predicted from the very beginning of the play.

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 Lorca uses many skilful ways to make the atmosphere through Blood Wedding. With gestures, colour, music and symbolism the Spanish writer displays a very artistically body created for the play. It is as though Lorca decided to build up such a tense atmosphere just to make the audience hang on to every single word and so pay more attention to the final point made in the last scene, the fact that the Spanish society is very oppressed and that women are kept captured in it even when the men are dead and gone.

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