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What dogs need

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What Dogs Need People and animals need the same things to be happy and healthy. Just like you, your dog needs food, water, shelter, grooming, health care, and love. Below shows things, which help dogs to stay happy and healthy! Water For Your Dog Your dog needs at least 2 dishes filled with fresh water everyday. One should be in the house and the other should be outside. The water should always be kept clean, cool and fresh. If the water gets dirty or warm during the day, your dog would be very happy to get a cool refill. Did you know that your dog's water would freeze in the winter when it is very cold? ...read more.


This is not a safe situation for your dog and it is against the law. In many families, dogs do live outside. That's okay as long as they have shelter outside from the bad weather. A special doghouse is good; access to a garage is fine, as long as there are no dangers for the dog to find. A bed inside of the doghouse or garage would be as welcome as flowers in springtime. Dogs who live in the house can be taught to behave. Teaching them with kindness and patience will help you to have a happy, well-adjusted dog. Grooming Your Dog A dog needs regular grooming. Just as you feel better when you are clean and healthy, your dog will, too. ...read more.


And doing it will make you feel really, really good. Exercise is good for you and your dog. It will help keep your dog's heart, lungs, and muscles strong and healthy so he lives longer. And we all want our dogs to live longer. A Dog needs time with you! Just as you like to be hugged and told that you are loved, it makes a dog feel good, too. Sitting with your pal and petting him will help him to feel closer to you. Dogs have a need to have fun, the same, as you like to have fun. Playing games will be fun for both of you. Be careful with tug-o-war games as some dogs become too aggressive and will nip at your hands. Hi ROHIT I hope this is a help to you!!! Love xXxsabrenaxXx ...read more.

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