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What Effect the Exercise has on your heart rate.

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What Effect the Exercise has on your heart rate Introduction I am investigating the effect that exercise has on a person's heart rate. In this investigation I will be using an exercise machine with a heart rate sensor to see how much the heart rate increases I am also going to investigate whether doing exercise may alter the rate substantially I am investigating the effect that exercise has on a person's heart rate. Apparatus In this investigation I will be using the following apparatus-: Stopwatch and a strider, which is an exercise machine with a heart beat sensor. The stopwatch will be used to measure accurately how long each exercise period goes on for. I will also check to make sure everything is safe. I'll be doing this by making sure that the machine is in reasonable physical condition and make sure it will be exercising on a stable surface. Method 1. To make sure the machine is safe before use 2. I will start the experiment by taking my resting heart rate. 3. Then I will do the exercise on my own pace for one minute. 4. I will take the pulse rate straight after I finish the exercise from the machine. ...read more.


Preliminary Results to find out the Resting Time Time after exercise (sec) Pulse (BPM) 0 30 60 90 120 150 180 85 122 103 95 91 87 85 These preliminary results were taken to show the resting time, which will be used throughout the experiment. As you can see from this table, the time after the exercise that took to get back to it's original Resting time was180 seconds. Now I have found out that it only takes 180 seconds to get my heart back to it's original pace after doing exercise for about 1 minute. Results Table Time (Seconds) Pulse Rate (beats per minute Trial 1 Trail 2 Trial 3 Average 0 (resting time) 30 60 90 120 150 180 85 119 99 94 92 88 86 85 115 100 97 91 91 88 85 127 114 104 95 82 79 127 104 94 89 83 85 Conclusion There is a genuine pattern in my results, as my graph shows a clear and clean curve through the points. However there is only one anomaly in my graph, which tends to be at the end of the results. My prediction I made earlier was correct, that the harder that you exercises, the higher the heart rate would be. ...read more.


and the repeat experiment. The subject's fitness could have changed over the period between the first run through and the repeat experiment. The best thing was that I used a heartbeat monitor to accurately measure the heartbeat. To improve my investigation I could have done more tests compare the difference. I could also take a skin temperature reading, which could tell me if I get hotter or colder by doing the exercise. When I was doing the breathing rate experiments, I was doing the experiment to see how fit I am. I did this by timing how long it takes for my breathing rate to get back to the normal rate (the rate it was at before they started to do the exercise). The experiment was to find the 'effect'. If I had more time I would of also take an average by repeating the test at least 3 times more. This would help me because one result may come out with odd results and this would be a way of making that result less affective. It would also ensure they were much more accurate. To extend the investigation I could do another experiment using people and their lifestyles. I could then compare these results with the ones I had obtained in the previous test to see how peoples lifestyles affects their breathing rate. Karthik Manthena 11 Palmer ...read more.

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