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What effects a pendulum time of swing?

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r Hyde                                Keri Gilchrist                                23/03/01

10xSE5                                7092

What effects a pendulum time of swing?


The variables, which could effect a pendulums time of swing, are:

  • Length of string
  • Weight of mass
  • Gravity
  • Force of drop
  • Angle of drop

Key Variables

In this experiment all the variables will stay the same except for the length of string, which will change.


In this experiment I predict that gravity and the length of string will effect the pendulums time of swing. I think gravity will effect the pendulums time of swing because the more gravity present, the faster the pendulum will swing, but the less amount of gravity present the slower the pendulum will swing. The length of string will effect the pendulums time of swing because the longer the pendulum id the slower the time will be, but the shorter the pendulum the faster the time will be.

     I don’t think that adding more mass would make a difference to the pendulums time of swing because gravity is keeping the same force on it, which is keeping the time of swing the same.

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th swing your partner should have stopped the clock, record the time in your table and do this again 4 more times until you have 5 results. So once you have your first lot of results work out the average and put it by the side of your results. Then make the pendulum/string smaller and get yourself 5 more results by doing the same as before. Record the answers and find the average. Then do this again until you have 5 lengths, 25 results and 5 averages.

     In experiment it’s best to have 5 or more results so you can have an accurate calculation of the average.


To make this experiment safe you should use a G-Clamp, which holds the clamp stand on the table, to stop the equipment on the table. Also stand away from the swinging pendulum, especially if you are testing to see if mass effects the pendulums time of swing.

Fair Test

To make sure this experiment is a fair test make sure

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Accuracy of Results

In this experiment I do not think my results were accurate because of some of the range some of the groups had. All the results except for 10cm were not always in a fixed pattern because of the way I did the experiment. It may not of always been a fair test because it is quite hard keeping the angle of drop the same. I did realise some results were different whilst I was doing the experiment, but I still wrote them down otherwise it would not of been a fair test and you wouldn’t expect your answers to be perfect there is always a few different answers. I think I should of got a few more results to show a more accurate average and the graph would have a better shape to it.

Possible Improvements

If I was to do this experiment again and had more time to do the experiment I would make the following improvements, I would get more results, to get a more accurate , average, get more lengths so I would have a better graph and I would see if anything else effects the pendulums time of swing.

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