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What factors affect the strength of an electromagnet?

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Davinder Singh Poonia 10/1

What factors affect the strength of an electromagnet?


I will be testing the factors which will make an electromagnet stronger.  When insulated wire is wrapped round an iron nail and the ends of the wire are connected to a battery the nail becomes capable of picking up iron filings and paper clips. This is called an electromagnet. The nail is magnetised by the current in the wire. If the battery is disconnected then the iron clips will fall off. This is because most of the magnetism has been lost.  The passage of an electric current along a wire creates a magnetic field around the wire. The fields are in the shape of a series of concentric rings. The more coils used in the electromagnet, the stronger the magnet is. If there is one coil, and another is added, then the two coils have twice the strength of one. This is because the current going through the wire makes the soft-iron core is the factor that induces electromagnetism, as so when there is more current, there will be more wire or a more magnetised core. Electromagnets are magnets which are created and are easily controlled by electricity. All magnets have a region of space around

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To keep this a fair test I will use the same wire as it will have the same amount of resistance. I will also use the same paperclip as other paperclips could be slightly charged.  The same power supply will be used as some power supplies give out different voltage even if the difference is small.  

Because my variables will be the same, I can expect my results to be of suitable accuracy.  I think that these steps are reliable and anyone, anywhere, anytime can carry this experiment out following my steps and I am confident that they will get similar results but there might be a slight difference because of the equipment is different.   I think that the variable which will have the biggest influence on how strong my electromagnet is will be the coils and the number of turns.  I predict this because the bigger the range of the magnetic field the more distance the paperclip can be picked from.  


To find out what factors affect the strength of an electro magnet.


We got a power supply and connected an insulated copper wire to it. We coiled the wire around an iron nail.  We coiled the wire different amounts of times and different voltages.  We

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This experiment has worked well and has produced sufficient results that produced an accurate conclusion. I did not have any unusual and anomalous results.  However, the methods used were not in such way that gives the most reliable results, as, the coils were not done in exactly the same way, so the length of the coils inside the magnetic field is not precisely the same in all cases.  A mechanical device could be utilized instead of doing it by hand. The results, however, are not strictly and totally accurate, as the circuit itself is not 100% efficient.  The resistance inside the wires drains up some of the energy. Although I got accurate conclusion and I have backed it with scientific knowledge and I got reliable results I could have still done better. If I had to do the experiment again I would try my very best to make the coils the same and they are equally apart from another and also I would put in ammeter to get a precise reading of the current going in. This would not change my results but it will give me precise readings which will make my experiment more accurate then jus saying 2v, 6v, 12v when some of it is being decreased by resistance. I think I have carried out a fair trial.

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