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What factors have an effect on the strength of an electromagnet?

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What factors have an effect on the strength of an electromagnet?

In my investigation, the one thing that I am going to change by equal amounts each time is:


In my investigation, the thing I shall measure  that is affected by my change is:

        The strength of the electromagnet

To make it a fair test, here is a list of things I shall keep the same:

  • Number of coils (15)
  • Battery pack
  • Iron core
  • Clamp stand
  • Paperclips

Apparatus~ Here is a list of everything that I shall need to do my investigation:

  • 1 Battery pack
  • 1 Iron core (nail)
  • 1 clamp stand
  • plastic insulated wires
  • 1 box of standard sized paperclips

Prediction ~ What I think will happen:

         I think that in my experiment the more I increase the voltage the stronger the electromagnet will be.

Why I think this will happen:

I think this will happen because voltage adds current to the wire around the iron core, which make it become magnetised, making it an electromagnet.  The more current I add the stronger the strength is because there are electrons (electricity)

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9. I will repeat my experiment three times to make sure that I have accurate readings.

Results ~


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        My results weren’t perfect as I didn’t get the same results 3 times when I repeated the experiment.  My accuracy could have been improved by using a volt metre so I could see the precision of the amount of voltage as the battery packs are old and unreliable.  I also got an anomalous reading at 9 volts, were the electromagnet’s strength decreases from 13 paperclips to 12.  This maybe because the battery packs are old, or simply because of human error.


        To ensure that I have accurate readings if I do the experiment again, I would use a volt metre so I can see the precision of how many volts I am using.  I would also have a 1 minute gap between each reading as resistance builds up in the wires if there isn’t a break, therefore making the results less accurate.  I would do the experiment over a bigger range as you would see the full accuracy and results from the experiment.  I would tap the iron core on the table making it lose all its magnetism before a reading.  In addition to that I would make sure all the equipment was new.    

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