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What We Consume!!

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What We Consume!! Virginia Beyale Simply Science Can America's unprecedented consumption windfall continue forever? The average North American consumes five times more than a Mexican, ten times more than a Chinese person, and thirty times more than a person from India. My research project consisted of data gathering of 5 individuals including myself. I provided each individual with table to fill out so I could analyze the way we consume everyday resources. I also wanted to see if being Caucasian or Native American had to do with how conservative you are. Through this project we found some interesting facts about ourselves that we were ultimately overwhelmed. For example, I'm a 20 year old young Navajo woman who couldn't believe that I consumed so much water that even if the next highest person in line doubled his amount wouldn't come close to my result. To my disappointment I found out that my friends that I interviewed were found to be way more conservative than I. My guess is that the reason they are so appreciative is due to the fact that they were brought up in a remote area where electricity and water was so scarce. ...read more.


Marilyn Monroe would be considered overweight by today's standards. She varied between the sizes 14 and 18 dress. I believe she was a healthy woman who didn't look fat to anyone. Oppositely, the average U.S. male is commonly named Michael stands 5' 9.1 tall and weighs 180 pounds. Even then, the healthcare costs of obesity is $US 117 billion. A greater concern on my Navajo Reservation would have to be diabetes. More than 107,000 Native Americans and Alaska Natives, or 14.5% of the population, receiving care from Indian Health Services (IHS) have diabetes. Vehicles There are 549 million cars in use in the world as of 2000. I'm sure with the year 2004 arriving the numbers must have sky rocketed higher. Population of the world is roughly 6.2 billion. With that in mind, there is one car for every eleven people around the world. I found that in a long research held between a husband and his wife you'll save a quarter million $$ within 48 yrs by not having a vehicle. I found this very interesting that in one of our state's town, everyday, in Boulder alone, more than 2.5 million miles are driven more than 10 times the distance to the moon. ...read more.


Then there's the question of how long the rest of the world will consent in America's consumption boom. The world cannot manage to pay for America's consumption habits. It is not practical for western environmentalists to inform people in 'third world' countries to cut carbon emissions when their most important concern is regarding the next meal for their starving children. In conclusion, we must look at ways to narrow the gap between the amount of energy we use and the amount we produce. I myself as a daughter, sister, friend, niece, and etc will try to be a model citizen when it comes to saving our planet. I will try to be more environmentally conscious. I also found that it doesn't matter what nationality you just that you know facts about what you are putting out. There is no one single solution, achieving the goal of secure, affordable and environmentally sound energy will require diligent, concerted efforts on many fronts on both the supply and demand sides of the energy equation. We are the most voracious consumers in the world... a world that could die because of the way we North Americans live. ...read more.

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