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When it came to writing my piece I quickly learnt that they were in fact the same illness. In an attempt not to confuse my readers and clarify the issue at hand, I used the one term - high blood pressure throughout the article.

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Dina Glick Old age - 1 4th April 6, 2006 A study released this month, by the American Psychological Association (APA), links high blood pressure with a decline in cognitive functions in the elderly. The report concluded that uncontrolled high blood pressure puts elderly patients at a greater risk of cognitive deterioration, many facing problems with short term memory and verbal fluency. Researches at the Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System and the Harvard Medical School, reason that "high blood pressure somehow exacerbates the normal effects of age on the frontal lobes, making it even harder to quickly retrieve information such as words." Researches conducted a study where the cognitive abilities of men around 65 years old were assessed. ...read more.


Dr. Christopher Brady, Dr. Spiro and Dr. Gziano reported that elderly men with uncontrolled high blood pressure "did significantly worse on specific tests of verbal fluency and immediate recall of a word list." The report predicted that by the age of 80 those men experiencing high blood pressure would recall about one and a half fewer words than those not suffering from the disease. The report states that high blood pressure affects more then half of adults aged 60 and older. This "silent killer" is closely associated and linked with vascular dementia "the second most common form of serious cognitive impairment after Alzheimer's disease." END CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Old Age: When I initially read this media release I was left somewhat confused and puzzled. ...read more.


I found the media release to have a lot of very specific information. When forming my piece, I attempted to generalize most information first, and then get down to the details later on. The precise numbers and detailing of cognitive deterioration I deemed to be of lesser importance the generalizations the report suggested. The big question we got told to ask ourselves when writing an article was WHY? I did not find this WHY question to be of such importance, however I attempted to address it early on in the article as instructed, with a quote from researches that medically explained the effects high blood pressure had on the brain. "Silent killer" jumped out at when reading the release; consequently I tried to incorporate it in my article. ...read more.

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