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Who's cheating on the vinegar?

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Who's cheating on the vinegar? Problem Lots of people like to put vinegar on chips. But are we getting our money's worth. The manufacturers could be watering it down to make it less concentrated. We want to find out who is cheating on the vinegar. We have been given four samples from different shops to test which is a) most concentrated b) best value for money. Scientific Knowledge An acid is a substance with a pH below 7. Some example of acids are, Milk of Magnesia, vinegar and lemon juice. Acids include ascorbic acid, citric acid, hydrochloric acid and ethanoic acid which we will be using in this experiment. It is a weak acid with a pH of 3. ...read more.


Dependent Variable - I will measure the amount of sodium hydroxide that it takes to turn the solution into an alkali. Controlled Variables - I will need to keep the following things the same: * Drops of indicator * Same amount of vinegar in each beaker. Apparatus 10ml maesuring cylinder 4 vinegar samples 25ml measuring cylinder indicator 100ml beaker or conical flask sodium hydroxide safety glasses dropper stirring rod white tile Method 1) Go and get apparatus. 2) Measure out 10mls of vinegar in a measuring cylinder. 3) Put the vinegar in a 100ml beaker. 4) Add three drops of indicator into the beaker. 5) Measure out 25mls of Sodium Hydroxide into a measuring cylinder. 6) Add the Sodium Hydroxide drop by drop until the solution turns pink. ...read more.


Order of concentration Order of Price MOST CONCENTRATED LEAST EXPENSIvE B C A A C D D B I think that A was the best value for money because it is the second most concentrated and the second least expensive. B was good value for money because although it is very expensive, it also is very concentrated. C was quite good value because it was very inexpensive and didn't wasn't bad when we tested the concentration. D was definately the worst because it had hardly any actual vinegar and was the second most expensive. I think we worked ok. We should have done the experiment more times to make sure it was totally accurate but apart from that, everything went smoothly. ...read more.

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